“Well, this made up for bubbling this event last year,” Michael Mizrachi said with a huge smile after bagging up the overnight chip lead heading into the final table of the $50,000 Poker Players Championship.

Mizrachi is an interesting case, his style is commonly described as “highly volatile,” and he has more Day 1 chip leads followed by Day 2 eliminations before the first break than any player in poker history. But when ‘The Grinder’ is truly on form, he’s one of the most unstoppable players the game has ever seen.

Coming into his fourth final table in what is considered the most prestigious event of the year, Mizrachi goes for a record-breaking third title, furthermore cementing his legacy as one of the most successful tournament players in history.

About his run in this event so far, Mizrachi joked, “I’m always running good in this one. Before the Series, I told myself, ‘Maybe I’ll just stick to the $50k, because it’s the only one that I’m good at.’”

The Florida native was only half kidding, realizing that he can’t win in the No Limit Hold’em tournaments anymore after a poor showing at the 2017 WSOP where he played nearly 40 tournaments. This summer, Mizrachi is only on his third event, focusing most of this time playing in the $500/$1,000 Big Bet Mix.

Michael Mizrachi 10 Biggest Results
Date Event Place Payout
05-Jul-10 WSOP Main Event 5th $ 2,332,992
18-Feb-05 WPT LAPC Main Event 1st $ 1,859,909
28-May-10 WSOP $50k Poker Players Championship 1st $ 1,559,046
24-Jun-12 WSOP $50k Poker Players Championship 1st $ 1,451,527
29-Jan-06 WPT Borgata Winter Open 1st $ 1,173,373
19-Jan-06 WPT World Poker Open 2nd $ 566,352
12-Oct-11 WSOP Europe €10k Mixed Max 1st $ 448,861
19-May-12 WPT $25k Championship 3rd $ 424,618
02-Jul-16 WSOP $50k Poker Players Championship 4th $ 380,942
29-Jun-08 WSOP $10k PLO 3rd $ 331,279

Always smiling, jovial and candid, Mizrachi laughed when asked why it is that he performs so well in the toughest event of all.

“I don’t give away my tricks, boy!”

As his eyes turned slightly more serious, he added, “The cards have been falling my way, and I really can’t complain. The last few days I rarely had to bluff, and the ones that I did make worked. I understand that when you play against the best there’s a bit more luck involved, but you just need to play to perfection when playing against players of your caliber.”

Mizrachi has been focusing on his health, swimming, boxing and working out almost daily in preparation for this summer. With a strong focus, his eye on the prize and a commanding chip lead, the 37-year old seems poised for another win and a seemingly guaranteed spot in poker’s Hall of Fame.

“I’m very grateful to be in this position, and it’s already an amazing accomplishment to be here again. If I win again, I’d probably make the Poker Hall of Fame.”

When pressed on the matter, Mizrachi remained casual, but his eyes lit up when talking about being inducted along greats such as Phil Ivey and Doyle Brunson.

“I’ll make it there eventually, I can’t wait for it. Let’s just win this, and then we’ll say that I’ll probably make it into the Hall of Fame for sure.”

$50,000 Poker Players Championship Final Table
Seat Player Country Chips
1 Dan Smith United States 4,485,000
2 Aaron Katz United States 2,600,000
3 Michael Mizrachi United States 8,865,000
4 Benny Glaser United Kingdom 2,210,000
5 Mike Leah Canada 1,220,000
6 John Hennigan United States 2,400,000

Mizrachi goes up against a variety of players at this final table, but up until this point, it didn’t seem to matter who he faced. As he goes over the names and points out their strengths, Mizrachi keeps coming back to the thing that got him to where he is today.

“I’m confident. I have no fear, and I hope the cards come my way. I have high expectations, I have a big lead, and I’m feeling good.”

The rail will be packed with Mizrachi supporters, including his twin brother Eric who never leaves his side, along with a rowdy rail that’s ever increasing as that epic third bracelet in this event draws closer.

“I’m grateful to have family, friends, and fans on my side, and trust me that the crowd is only going to get bigger at the final table.”

Tune in for live action at 6:00 pm ET on PokerGO, as Ali Nejad and two-time winner of this event Brian Rast provide live commentary on what could be a historic WSOP final table.


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