Poker Masters is one of the game's most prestigious tournament series. If you're looking for general information about the Poker Masters, including Poker Masters' history and information on previous champions, then you've come to the right place.

A prestigious high-stakes tournament series, Poker Masters began in 2017. The series is comprised of individual high-stakes poker tournaments and there is a series-long leaderboard to crown the overall series champion. The player to earn the most leaderboard points across the entire series is crowned Poker Masters champion and awarded the prestigious Poker Masters Purple Jacket.

To date, there have been eight editions of the Poker Masters series, which includes the two online versions of the series that took place in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic when live poker was shut down. Through the eight editions of the series, $110,467,570 in prize money has been awarded. Poker Masters series champions have collected $11,146,055 of that.

On this page, you will find everything you need to know about the Poker Masters, including detailed information on Poker Masters history, past winners, and player stats.

Poker Masters Purple Jacket Winners

Year Series Events Winner Wins Cashes Series Earnings
2017 Poker Masters 5 Steffen Sontheimer 2 4 $2,733,000
2018 Poker Masters 7 Ali Imsirovic 2 3 $1,288,600
2019 Poker Masters 10 Sam Soverel 2 7 $1,396,800
2020 Poker Masters Online 30 Alexandros Kolonias 2 11 $1,266,296
2020 Poker Masters Online PLO 16 Eelis Parssinen 1 6 $735,359
2021 Poker Masters 12 Michael Addamo 2 2 $1,840,000
2022 Poker Masters 10 Sean Winter 1 2 $777,000
2023 Poker Masters 10 Stephen Chidwick 1 4 $1,109,000

Poker Masters History

Poker Masters got its start in 2017. To date, there have been seven total editions of the Poker Masters series, with five being played live and two being played online. Every version of the Poker Masters has awarded the prestigious Purple Jacket to the series champion.

The first-ever edition of the series, the 2017 Poker Masters included five tournaments. German Steffen Sontheimer became the series winner with the most money won from the series. For the 2018 series and beyond, the series champion was crowned via a points system. The 2018 Poker Masters saw an increase in the number of events as part of the series, going up to seven. Then in 2019, Poker Masters comprised of 10 events.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck and shutdowns were put in place, live poker didn't take place and much of the industry transitioned to the virtual world. Poker Masters also moved online, and through a partnership with partypoker the 2020 Poker Masters Online and 2020 Poker Masters Online PLO series were held. The 2020 Poker Masters Online series included 30 events, and the 2020 Poker Masters Online PLO included 16.

In 2021, live poker returned and the PokerGO Tour (PGT) was launched in April. As an owned-and-operated PokerGO tournament series, the Poker Masters became a part of the PGT. The first year as part of the PGT, the Poker Masters featured 12 tournaments. As if the heater wasn't real enough for Australian Michael Addamo, he won two events and the Purple Jacket that year. In 2022, 10 events made up the Poker Masters schedule with one of the top high rollers in the game, Sean Winter, earning the Purple Jacket.

In 2023, the Poker Masters returned to the PGT schedule with another 10-event series held in September. Although Vladas Tamasauskas started out the series on fire by winning two of the first three events, Stephen Chidwick found a late surge for the second half of the schedule and was able to add the prestigious Purple Jacket to his long list of tournament poker accomplishments.

Poker Masters is part of the PGT. You can find the full schedule of events at pgt.com/schedule.

Viewers from around the world can enjoy watching the Poker Masters on PokerGO. Livestreamed final tables from the Poker Masters are broadcast on PokerGO.

Top Poker Masters Money Earners

Rank Player Cashes Wins Total Money Won
1 Ali Imsirovic 16 4 $2,926,396
2 Steffen Sontheimer 4 2 $2,733,000
3 David Peters 11 2 $2,612,438
4 Alex Foxen 19 1 $2,492,277
5 Michael Addamo 6 3 $2,307,599
6 Jason Koon 10 2 $2,152,400
7 Sam Soverel 14 2 $2,076,300
8 Andras Nemeth 14 4 $1,858,673
9 Justin Bonomo 11 1 $1,852,474
10 Nick Schulman 7 2 $1,833,300

Most Poker Masters Tournaments Wins

Rank Player Number of Tournament Wins
T-1 Ali Imsirovic 4
T-1 Andras Nemeth 4
T-3 Michael Addamo 3
T-3 Jens Kyllonen 3
T-5 Steffen Sontheimer 2
T-5 David Peters 2
T-5 Sam Soverel 2
T-5 Brandon Adams 2
T-5 Kahle Burns 2
T-5 Pauli Ayras 2
T-5 Pascal Lefrancois 2
T-5 Alexandros Kolonias 2
T-5 Mustapha Kanit 2
T-5 Isaac Haxton 2
T-5 Linus Loeliger 2
T-5 Eelias Parssinen 2
T-5 Bengt Sonnert 2
T-5 Jason Koon 2
T-5 Adam Hendrix 2
T-5 Nick Schulman 2
T-5 Stephen Chidwick 2
T-5 Andrew Lichtenberger 2
T-5 Vladas Tamasauskas 2

Most Poker Masters Cashes

Rank Player Number of Cashes
1 Alex Foxen 19
2 Ali Imsirovic 16
T-3 Andras Nemeth 14
T-3 Jake Schindler 14
T-3 Sam Soverel 14
T-6 Jooryt van Hoof 12
T-6 Stephen Chidwick 12
T-8 David Peters 11
T-8 Eelis Parssinen 11
T-8 Alexandros Kolonias 11
T-8 Timothy Adams 11
T-8 Justin Bonomo 11

Poker Masters Quick Facts

  • Year of the first Poker Masters: 2017
  • Player with the most Poker Masters tournament wins: Ali Imsirovic (4) and Andras Nemeth (4)
  • Highest money-earner from Poker Masters events: Ali Imsirovic ($2,926,396)
  • Player with the most cashes in Poker Masters events: Alex Foxen (19)
  • Largest field size in Poker Masters history: 119 entries (2020 Poker Masters Online Event #10: $10,000 NL Hold'em)
  • Total number of unique players to cash in Poker Masters events: 304

How To Watch the Poker Masters

Poker fans around the world can watch the Poker Masters. The tournament series airs live on PokerGO.com and the PokerGO app. Past Poker Masters events are available on demand on PokerGO.com and the PokerGO app.

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Viewers can also relive Poker Masters action through the exciting highlights that can be found on the PokerGO YouTube channel.