The WSOP Main Event is down to its final 27 players, and here is what the final three tables look like. Listen to the podcast for a full recap of the action, and a preview of tomorrow’s action. 

The live action starts at 12:30 PM PST/3:30 PM ET/9:30 PM CET on PokerGO.

Player Country Chip Count
John Hesp United Kingdom 20,880,000
Robin Hegele Germany 11,150,000
Scott Stewart United States 6,230,000
Damian Salas Argentina 7,800,000
Michael Ruane United States 9,340,000
Jack Sinclair United Kingdom 27,535,000
Bryan Piccioli United States 14,500,000
Jonas Mackoff Canada 12,050,000
Randy Pisane United States 18,370,000
Richard Dubini Argentina 14,975,000
Antoine Saout France 9,945,000
Valentin Messina France 28,590,000
Pedro Oliveira Portugal 22,540,000
Florian Lohnert Germany 5,360,000
Alexandre Reard France 8,580,000
David Guay Canada 7,400,000
Richard Gryko United Kingdom 13,760,000
Scott Blumstein United States 18,125,000
Michael Sklenicka Czech Republic 2,230,000
Jake Bazeley United States 3,915,000
Christian Pham United States 31,440,000
Michael Krasienko United States 11,430,000
Benjamin Pollak France 8,870,000
Daniel Ott United States 7,815,000
Marcel Luske Netherlands 2,990,000
Karen Sarkisyan Russia 8,105,000
Ben Lamb United States 25,685,000