This was supposed to be written yesterday. That would have made sense, as Michael Jordan’s comments from halftime of the North Carolina vs. Duke basketball game were made on Saturday night. I needed more time to process what “His Airness” said though, when referencing the future of the North Carolina football team.

“The ceiling is the roof.”

At first pass, what did Michael Jordan just say? This had to be an honest mistake but since the internet is unforgiving, the short video clip has now gone viral. Stick the Crying Jordan face on him, check, and start the debate on which professional athlete will one up Kyrie Irving, Arian Foster and now, Michael Jordan, and say something absurd over the next few weeks.

Because the ceiling is not the roof. What Jordan likely meant to say was that there is no ceiling, that, as the second team in the country to wear the Jordan brand after Michigan was signed in 2016, there is no end to the potential growth of the North Carolina football program. Unfortunately, Jordan didn’t say that. 

On second thought, is Jordan actually right? A Duke engineering professor seems to think so. Henri Gavin, a civil engineering professor, told Bleacher Report, “If you look at the top surface of the arena from the inside, you would call that object the ceiling. If you look at that same object from the outside, you’d call it the roof. The ceiling is the roof.”

Mind. Blown.

While I have always seemed to know the difference between ceilings and roofs, I may not be the best judge of how inaccurate Jordan’s statement was. I call the place where you buy food and household items the “food store” and apparently, the rest of the world calls it the grocery store. Safe to say, we’re going with the Duke engineering professor on this one.

So, keep the trolls to a minimum because the actually ceiling is the roof and no matter what, Michael Jordan is still the GOAT.