The World Series of Poker $111,111 High Roller for One Drop Final Table is one of the premier events of the year and PokerGO is the exclusive home for the final table. A stacked table of battle-tested players return with Bertrand Grospellier leading the way. Lon McEachern and Norm McDonald call the action with David Tuchman on the anchor desk when cards hit the air at 2 pm PT and the stream goes live on a 30-minute delay to show hole cards.

They’ll be seated as:

1. Dario Sammartino – 7,975,000
2. Bertrand Grospellier – 16,825,000
3. Rainer Kempe – 5,760,000
4. Andrew Robl – 6,670,000
5. Doug Polk – 6,090,000
6. Haralabos Voulgaris – 2,865,000
7. Michael Kamran – 3,470,000
8. Chris Moore – 7,600,000
9. Martin Jacobson – 8,890,000

Day 3 wrapped up when the field was cut to nine players and they shared their thoughts on the action.

Andrew Robl

“I don’t have any expectations when I go into a tournament, I just take it one day at a time. I just try to make the best play I can at the time.”

“When you get this deep in a tournament with this kind of buy-in, you’re so in the moment and running on adrenaline not much really thinking about much else, the stalling on the bubble didn’t bother me.”

“I might go play some poker at ARIA for a couple of hours to relax and then go home and call it a night. I want to be rested up for tomorrow.”

Chris Moore

“I’ve been in Chicago, traveling a little bit – I just got married not too long ago, so I’ve been hanging out with my wife, but not too much poker-wise. It’s good to get out and play every now and again so this is my shot.”

“The game has definitely changed quite a bit. It seems like people like to keep pots smaller than they used to – not as much aggression preflop, but more check-calling, check-calling rather than the check-raise. It’s tough to adjust because I don’t play much anymore. I still watch it now and then. I think I get a good feel for players at the table once I sit down. I go on gut instincts along with trying to do the proper play.”

“There’s definitely some nerves, I only play a few tournaments a year. But it’s more nervous excitement I would say. The deeper you go, you get exhausted and more mentally drained, but there’s also an excitement and nervousness.

“I’m probably just playing this event, the Main Event and one or two others. I don’t intend to play that many more.”

Martin Jacobson

“My day was pretty smooth overall, I actually can’t remember any hands right now. I didn’t have any super tough decisions or play any big all ins, so it was good.”

“It’s entertaining . I don’t mind, it’s a breath of fresh air, it’s not something you see every day anymore. It’s kinda funny.”

“I’m going to get some food and try to calm down for a good night’s sleep.”

“This is the biggest event I’ve played besides the Main Event, so this is huge. I actually got sixth in this a few years ago, so I’ve made the final table before but I’m hoping to improve on that.”

Bertrand Grospellier
“It feels really good, I’m trying to enjoy the moment because I know these spots are very rare. I haven’t made a big final table in a while but I was so close in Sochi and Monaco, back to back. So, I’m just enjoying the moment and getting ready to play my best poker because I don’t want to be making any mistakes but I won’t have too high expectations because anything can happen.

“I’ve been pretty fortunate today and it feels great but the final table is going to be really tough. Lot of great players remaining.”

“I feel like I’ve been playing well the last few months, I got really close in Macau, close in Monaco and Sochi. I’m feeling pretty confident in my plays.”

Dario Sammartino

“Super fun. It’s fun because there are good players from cash games and tournaments and some businessmen, so I think it is one of the best tournaments and best Super High Rollers in the world.”

“Of course, playing against a famous player and he doesn’t know you, it is a lot easier. You have all the info and you know how you have to move, how you have to play. He (Hellmuth) doesn’t know me, how I know him.”

“I will try to win, of course. It is a tough table but I’ll try tomorrow. Two, three years ago, bracelet would be more important but tomorrow, the money is the most important thing.”

“Andrew Robl , I like his game. He will be tough to beat.”