The next new series destined exclusively for PokerGO, produced by Poker Central and Roundhead Creative, is the reality series “Major Wager.” The series pits poker’s biggest personalities creating some of the most absurd prop bets against one another with hilarious results. The first few episodes debut on PokerGO September 5.

“Major Wager” takes viewers into the world of prop betting that’s woven into the fabric of poker culture. Award-winning podcaster Joey Ingram hosts the show and he puts Daniel Negreanu, Samantha Abernathy, Brian Rast, Antonio Esfandiari and Jeff Gross to the test.

Each episode’s contestants make performance-based bets with dignity and pride on the line. Challenges range from racing cars to pole dancing and everything else that Las Vegas has to offer. Nothing is off the table.

“We wanted to explore what would happen if we combined the most competitive personalities in poker with prop betting in everyday scenarios – Las Vegas style,” said Poker Central president Joe Kakaty. “‘Major Wager’ will be a hilarious addition to PokerGO’s already robust offering of original programming.”

“My producing partner Kevin Thomsen and I are thrilled to be a part of Poker Central’s vision for ‘Major Wager’ and the commitment they have in bringing their audience innovative poker shows unlike anything currently on the market,” said Phil Alcabes, founder of Roundhead Creative. “We’re showcasing the lesser known skills, competitive spirit, and personalities of poker’s biggest stars that fans will have to see to believe.”

Roundhead Creative Group has worked with media companies including Showtime, NBC, AMC, A&E, CBS, PBS to name a few. Recent works include branding and marketing for “The Walking Dead,” along with programming, content, and promotional campaigns such as “Dancing with the Stars,” “Homeland,” and “Martin Short Shorts.”

The new series joins Pokerography, Poker Nights and Dead Money as original programming available only on PokerGO. For all the on-felt action, PokerGO has new episodes of Poker After Dark, the home of the Super High Roller Bowl and host of the upcoming Poker Masters.

Daniel Negreanu, Jeff Gross, Brian Rast, Antonio Esfandiari, Joey Ingram, Major Wager, Samantha Abernathy