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Sports and poker. Poker and sports. While the “Is poker a sport?” debate is an endless endeavor with no true answer in sight, Poker Central is blending the two together. At the start of each week, the “Monday Merge” fuses sports and poker, drawing loose comparisons, and even looser transitions, between the only two things we really care about.

As a New York Giants fan, their Sunday night game against the Dallas Cowboys was painfully difficult to watch. As a football fan, watching the Dallas Cowboys seemingly control the game from start to finish was impressive but maybe even more impressive was Cole Beasley’s behind the back catch. Early in the 4th quarter, the Cowboys faced a critical 3rd down deep in their own territory. The pass from Dak Prescott to Beasley looked like it could be intercepted and then, after it wasn’t, looked like it would fall incomplete. It didn’t, because Beasley somehow pinned the ball on his nameplate and got the first down. The catch could be forgotten by season’s end but that is the best play we saw through Week 1 of the NFL season.