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Bryn Kenney needs no introduction, but yet here we are. It just doesn’t feel right not emphasizing the Long Island native’s impressive poker resume. After building up his bankroll from absolutely nothing, going broke countless times and seeing swings that would make the stomachs of even the most hardened pros turn; Bryn Kenney is still doing it at the highest level in 2018.

By some stats, Kenney’s 2018 looks great with $5.2 million in live tournament cashes, but in a recent interview, he highlighted that those numbers aren’t always what they seem. In 2017, however, Kenney had one of his best years ever, cashing for $8.5 million on his way to finishing second in the GPI Player of the Year race. His career earnings totaling $25.6 million to put him 9th on the all-time money list, Kenney’s got the money and the merits to answer any question, and he was gracious with his time to dive into the following questions.

Carl Schroeder, who goes by lankyswag on Instagram, asked, “Online poker tournaments vs low stakes cash games to start to build fundamentals. Best way to lock down fundamentals and dominate low stakes?”

Bryn Kenney answered, “I think online cash games don’t really build skills because live cash is much different from it, while online tournaments do help you build skills for tournaments. On top of that, live and online tournaments are much more similar than online versus live cash is.

“The best way to work on your fundamentals is for sure playing online. It’s the best way to put in the most amount of hands for practice and in my opinion, it’s much easier to go over hands and analyze your play.”

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Next up is srmgrinder7 who wanted to know how Bryn got his start in poker, what he played and what helped him the most to progress up the ranks.

Bryn responded, “I played online all day every day when I started. I played with $50 at first, run it up, lose it all, deposit again, and do that over and over until I finally caught some breaks. That’s how I built my game.”

“Advice I would give is to work hard, keep your head up and never let anyone or anything bring you down.  You need a very strong mind to thrive in this game.”

Micah ‘yosh_22’ wanted to know, “What’s the most reliable live read or tell? It can be physical or bet sizing or whatever else.”

“For me, I think it’s bet sizing,” Bryn said, “I get a certain type of feeling for what people are trying to give off and if their lying or not. There are so many different things with different people and I see every person and situation as different, that’s why poker is such a great game because it has so many variables.”

Last but not least, christosgennaios wanted to know all about Bryn’s celebration routines, and with 16 outright live wins, he’s got plenty of experience with those.

With a smile, Bryn said, “Usually so tired after winning, so I’ll have a bomb meal, some drinks, maybe a smoke and relax because I’m always drained after a long tournament. When it comes to my favorite spots, Assunta Madre in Barcelona, Sen of Japan in Vegas and Nobu in Bahamas.  I like relaxed places mostly that can dress comfortable and have amazing food.”

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Bryn Kenney, Ask a Pro