Another week, another prop bet in the poker world. This one doesn’t have to do with weight loss but does seemed to have peaked the interest of one of the world’s most notorious prop bettors. Dan Bilzerian polled his nearly 1.5 million Twitter followers this week, asking if it was possible if anyone could eat $1,000 worth of McDonalds food in 36 hours.

That anyone is poker player Mike Noori, who will be attempting to stomach $1,000 of McDonalds later this month with over $200,000 on the line. There are a few stipulations to the prop bet, most notably, drinks do not count towards the total, so no filling up on soda or smoothies, and Noori can’t eat more than $200 worth of salads.

While 63% of Bilzerian’s followers don’t think Noori will be able to win the bet, we know that 63% of Bilzerian’s followers are wrong.

Without further ado, using Nevada prices courtesy of fastfoodmenuprices.com, here is how Mike Noori should eat $1,000 of McDonalds food in 36 hours:

The only stipulation for this prop bet is a $200 cap on salads. These small salads are relatively expensive at $5.32 apiece, but unfortunately for Noori, he is only allowed to eat 37 of them. Starting with those salads, minus the dressing, should be easy enough and if the old wives’ tales are true, then his stomach should be properly stretched out after his salad warm-up.

With $800 left to eat, Noori has a few options. He can either go quality, high priced items but less of them, or quantity, low priced items but more of them. We think we know which way he is leaning, as he’s tweeted that he is likely going to start with $500 worth of apple slices. That is a good idea, and fair, but it seems like he is gaming the system a bit. For arguments sake and to make this a little more fun, we’re adding another cap to this prop bet, only $250 worth of apples.

Since Noori isn’t allowed to fully commit to the apple slice route, the best bang for his buck would come from Premium McWraps. Priced at $7.09, they are one of the most expensive items on the McDonalds menu and while they may try to make them sound fancy, McWraps are basically just two pieces of chicken, lettuce and some cheese wrapped in a tortilla. If Noori can eat 42 of them, he will push his total to $750.

Here is where some serious decisions need to be made and at this point, it’s all about what Noori feels his body can handle. Personally, I’d avoid all sandwiches and try to pound as many 10-piece Chicken McNuggets as possible. Priced at $4.98, they offer good value, especially when you consider that the 40-piece box only costs $9.98. By ordering the smaller option, Noori spends more and if he is able to eat 400 Chicken McNuggets, he’ll bring his total to $950.

Noori, pictured above at last year’s World Series of Poker, has eaten his way through a full day and night and just as the sun is rising, he is only $100 clear of his goal. Luckily, McDonalds breakfast has plenty of relatively expensive items. I’d start with a few Morning Platters, we’ll say four $6.09 Big Breakfast with Hot Cakes platters and then four more Big Breakfast platters, priced at $4.10, sans the hot cakes. That leaves Noori needing just $9.24 more to hit his $1,000.

To finish the bet off, because what would a McDonalds food bet be without it, Noori takes down a Big Mac Meal, priced at $6.65, and a Happy Meal Hamburger, priced at $2.59.

72,390 calories later, Mike Noori is victorious. Congratulations and good luck actually attempting this.