The first night of “Masters of the Main” week brought a new standard to Poker After Dark on the PokerGO stream. Ben Lamb certified himself as table captain and booked the big win in his Poker After Dark return. Lining up next to Lamb for the second night in a row are the 2017 and 2018 Main Event champions Scott Blumstein and John Cynn.

Stakes for tonight are $50/$100 and the PokerGO stream is live so tune in here:

Cynn drove the action last night and looks to catch another large sum similar to last week’s “Rise and Grind” finale.

Jeremy Ausmus steps in for 2018 Main Event runner-up Tony Miles in his first Poker After Dark appearance since “Whine and Cheese” week. Ausmus’ Main Event experience derives from a fifth-place finish in 2012 for $2 million.

Last night featured Ausmus in The Bullpen and a few more familiar faces will be sitting in waiting for their shot at the big game.

Hollywood is alive and well in the PokerGO Studio when Randall Emmett and Scott Vener come back for another night of Poker After Dark.

Kelly Minkin comes back to add to her Main Event glory that resulted in a 50th place finish in 2018. Minkin took charge at the end of last night and brings a ball of momentum into tonight.

The final member of tonight’s lineup is America’s foremost expert in making poker fun, Mickey Craft.

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