The “Masters of the Main” finale faced a tall task to live up to the first night of action on PokerGO. John Cynn and Scott Blumstein were the two primary faces in the Poker After Dark $50/$100 game thanks to their respective Main Event wins.

A total of 11 players joined in on the fun and the full replay can be found here:

Randall Emmett started the night with a mission. With only two hours to play, Emmett joined in every big pot he could and dragged his fair share in. Two major hands played out with Emmett on the right side of both getting the better of Blumstein and Mickey Craft.

The next gigantic hand took three players into the middle. Hollywood’s Scott Vener challenged Blumstein and Jeremy Ausmus in a three-way all-in. Needing a miracle to win part of the pot, Vener found just that to stay in the game before he left with Emmett.

Bob Bright and Jared Jaffee earned a call from The Bullpen to play in the main game. Jaffee returned to Poker After Dark for the first time since “Talk the Talk” week when he played with Craft.

Craft left the game early and Jay Farber of 2013 Main Event fame made his Poker After Dark premiere.

Cynn toned down the all-ins tonight but managed to keep his game weighted toward heavy action. Blumstein and Cynn clashed in their inevitable showdown midway through the night. Cynn rivered perfect and caught Blumstein making a move in one of the biggest hands of the week.

Blumstein’s exit brought in more new players to the game. Jacky Wang turned into the closer for tonight’s action.

The night ended with Cynn and Ben Lamb attacking each other on every street. Two monster hands clashed and Cynn avoided too much blood being spilled to lock up another win.

Kelly Minkin booked another solid outing to wrap up her “Masters of the Main” account.

The full replay of both night’s action is available on PokerGO. Subscribe today to watch all Poker After Dark episodes on-demand.

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