The debut of “Masters of the Main” week on PokerGO provided anything and everything. John Cynn returned to Poker After Dark following his great showing on “Rise and Grind” and brought the fireworks with him.

Stakes of $50/$100 with a $100 big blind ante brought out the best in all players. The full replay of the PokerGO live stream can be replayed here:

Cynn started the show in epic fashion. Five straight all-ins of $5,000 came out of Cynn’s stack and the whole table took their shot at the reigning Main Event champion. Big hands and better runouts collided leading for a one-of-a-kind moment in the history of Poker After Dark. 

Not shaken by a few bad beats, Cynn rebounded strong and his foot remained on the all-in throttle. Poker After Dark favorite Randall Emmett and “Talk the Talk” star Mickey Craft engaged in a three-way all-in with Cynn in the biggest pot of the night where only two of the three escaped.

Kelly Minkin came on late in the night in her Poker After Dark debut. Minkin threw punches against everyone in her path. The night ended with Minkin picking up aces against Randall Emmett. Hollywood was no match for The Illest and she ravaged a win to close out the game.

Music producer Scott Vener showed well in his Poker After Dark opening showcase and booked a win to follow-up his cash in the 2018 Main Event. Scott Blumstein closed out his Poker After Dark introduction with a $20,000 score.

Ben Lamb booked the big cashout in his return to Poker After Dark for the first time since the eponymous “Racks of Lamb” week.

The full lineup is scheduled to return tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. ET for another night of $50/$100 action.

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