Elvis Toomas bagged the top stack and holds a little over one-third of the chips in play as six players remain in Event #4: $900 No-Limit Hold'em of the Stairway To Millions at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas.

Samy Dighlawi sits second in chips, and there's a sizable gap between him and the rest of the players in the chip standings. Robert Zeidman, Danny Chi, Event #1 winner Francis Anderson, and Kevin Thomas are on the lower part of the leaderboard, but anyone can claim the title as each player will hold over twenty big blinds when action resumes at The Venetian on Monday, September 12 at noon to play to a winner.

The field of 74 entrants created a prize pool of $$59,200, and the top 12 finishers earned a piece of it. All players who made it into the money received prize money in addition to a $1,640 seat into either Event #5 or #6. The top three finishers will skip a step and receive a $2,740 seat into Event #7, and the eventual winner will claim $11,330 along with the seat.

Toomas started climbing the leaderboard early in the day and took the chip lead by a good margin near the bubble. The bubble took roughly an hour to burst as there were at least seven double-ups before Jerry Dababneh and Yuzu Wang were simultaneously eliminated on separate tables. Dababneh lost a flip while Wang ran into a dominating hand, and the duo split the 12th place prize money,

Soon after, Chase Land was eliminated in 11th when his aces were cracked by Zeidman's flopped set, and Victoria Livschitz was eliminated in 10th after doubling Thomas in a race and losing her remaining chips to Dighwali. The nine surviving players then converged on the unofficial final table and it didn't take long before Ryan Phaneuf was eliminated in ninth place by Zeidman, and Ben Brown was ousted in eighth place after failing to improve against Toomas' superior pocket pair.

Yu Tang was the last elimination of the day when he got his chips in on the flop with an open-ended straight flush draw against Dighwali's trips. Dighwali improved to a full house on the turn, and Tang found no help and was eliminated in seventh place, while the six remaining players bagged for the night.

Stairway To Millions Event #4 Final Table

Seat Player Chip Count
1 Francis Anderson 660,000
2 Robert Zeidman 840,000
3 Elvis Toomas 2,510,000
4 Danny Chi 675,000
5 Kevin Thomas 650,000
6 Samy Dighlawi 2,095,000

When play resumes, there is 24:56 remaining in Level 14 with blinds at 15,000/30,000 with a 30,000 big blind ante.

Play will resume at 12 p.m. PT and the PGT.com Live Reporting Team will be providing updates until a winner is crowned. Stay tuned to follow the action through the end of Event #4, along with updates from the entire Stairway To Millions series from The Venetian Resort Poker Room.

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