Arsh Grover has been putting in work at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas recently with three cashes in the final week of August; two being victories and another a third-place finish.

With the Stairway To Millions underway, Grover continued his good run of cards with a third-place finish in Event #2 before he jumped in late into Event #3. Fortunately for Grover, he rode that momentum into reaching his second consecutive Stairway To Millions final table and then the Event #3 victory where he pocketed $12,510 in prize money and a $2,740 seat into Event #7 to go along with the $1,640 seat he won yesterday. 

Event #3: $900 No-Limit Hold'em of the 2022 Stairway To Millions at The Venetian Resort saw a total of 82 entrants create a prize pool of $65,600. The final 13 players would earn a seat into a future Stairway To Millions event - the first ten to fall in-the-money earning a $1,640 seat into Event #5 or #6.

The final table concluded on Sunday with Qing Liu leading the final six players. Like Grover, Liu has enjoyed playing at The Venetian Resort as he joined the WPT Champions Club after winning WPT at Venetian in 2021. The final table began with the early elimination of Mikael Andersen when he unluckily was outdrawn by Wu Zhou. Zhou would then send Darren Rabinowitz home early shortly after to leave Event #3 down to the final four.

As tournament veteran Roland Israelashvili began to climb the leaderboard while simultaneously playing Event #4, he would double Grover. Israelashvili check-raised the flop with a flush and straight draw before jamming the river into Grover's rivered full house with pocket aces. Grover would then eliminate Liu after winning a race with pocket eights. Israelashvili managed to ladder up for a $2,740 seat, but his run would end in third place when he four-bet shoved with ace-eight and Zhou called with pocket fives and improved to a straight on the river.

The heads-up match began with both players nearly even, and the two would trade haymakers and jabs at each other for nearly three hours. Each player took the opportunity to take the chip lead but were unable to put their opponent away.

Eventually Grover took a stand by calling all-in with jack-ten and turned a straight to double. A few later he would eliminate Zhou in second place to be crowned the Event #3 champion.

Stairway To Millions Event #3 Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1st Arsh Grover India $12,510
2nd Wu Zhou United States $7,898
3rd Roland Israelashvili United States $5,177
4th Qing Liu United States $3,528
5th Darren Rabinowitz United States $2,504
6th Mikael Andersen United States $1,854

According to The Hendon Mob, Grover now eclipses $184,000 in lifetime tournament earnings with his Event # win being his fifth victory all-time, and also good for his fourth-largest career score. Grover now has a $1,640 seat into Event #5 or #6, along with a $2,740 seat into Event #7 where he will look to improve on an incredibly impressive 2022 of poker results.

2022 Stairway To Millions Schedule

Date Event Type Buy-In Fee (On-time) Fee (Late/Reentry) Starting Stack Prize Pool Guarantee
9/12/22 Stairway To Millions #5 NLH $1,500 $140 $140 100,000 $100,000
9/13/22 Stairway To Millions #6 NLH $1,500 $140 $140 100,000 $100,000
9/14/22 Stairway To Millions #7 NLH $2,500 $240 $240 100,000 $100,000
9/15/22 Stairway To Millions #8 NLH $5,000 $350 $350 100,000 $100,000
9/16/22 Stairway To Millions #9 NLH $10,000 $200 $400 125,000 $200,000
9/17/22 Stairway To Millions #10 NLH $15,000 $400 $800 125,000 $300,000
9/18/22 Stairway To Millions #11 NLH $25,000 $500 $1,000 150,000 $500,000
9/19/22 Stairway To Millions #12 NLH $50,000 $1,000 $2,000 200,000 $600,000

Currently underway from The Venetian Resort Poker Room is Event #4 of the Stairway To Millions with Monday set to host the first $1,640 buy-in of the series. Follow along with all the live updates from the entire Stairway To Millions which will be provided by the PGT.com Live Reporting Team.

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