Coming into tonight’s World Series of Poker Main Event final table, Jack Sinclair and Ben Lamb were the shortest stacks and while no one would have been surprised to see both fall on the first day of final table coverage, that thinking likely changed after Sinclair almost immediately eliminated Lamb in 9th place. Unfortunately for the British young gun, he wasn’t able to use that knockout to pick up any of his own momentum.

For the rest of the night, Sinclair was forced to watch big hands play out around him and after peaking early, he was handcuffed near the 20 big blind mark for next few levels. Eventually, Sinclair got that short stack in the middle but when he did, he was in big, big trouble. 

Sinclair moved all-in from middle position for 15,600,000 and after Damian Salas thought in the hijack, before eventually folding, Bryan Piccioli re-shoved for 18,750,000. Piccioli was looking to score the knockout and held A♠A to Sinclair’s K♠J♠.

Even though the flop fell K4♣3, the 8 on the turn and the 6 on the river were no help to Sinclair and he was eliminated in 8th place. Sinclair will make $1,200,000 and after his elimination, Poker Central caught up with the Main Event first-timer. 

“This was a surreal experience,” Sinclair said, when discussing what making the Main Event final table was like. 

Sinclair also added, when asked about how the tournament progressed after his knockout Lamb, “There were still a lot of short stacks, there was still a lot of push-fold maths to work through. I made a clear call against Saout and then I was back down to where I was before.” 

The WSOP Main Event final table will continue to play through the first day of final table action until six players remain, meaning one more elimination separates this field from the bags. Watch the Main Event live on PokerGO and ESPN