Season 3 of Poker After Dark continued to be released exclusively on PokerGO with the “Jam Up” series of episodes. This particular grouping of players wasn’t afraid of action with Eli Elezra busting on the very first hand, only to re-buy and drive the action. Ultimately, the two youngest players, David Williams and Antonio Esfandiari, faced off for the winner-take-all prize of $140,000.

In the “Jam Up” intro we explored how Elezra set a new record by busting on the first hand of play after running ace king into Howard Lederer’s pocket aces. Elezra took advantage of a special rule where he could re-buy in anyone busted in the first orbit of play.

So, the first real elimination came when Barry Greenstein was down to about half his starting stack and found pocket jacks. He three-bet, Esfandiari four-bet right behind him with ace king and Elezra called. A king fell on the flop, Greenstein never improved and was the first player to lose his seat.

Matusow three-bet on the button holding ace king and Elezra put in another huge raise in position holding pocket kings. Matusow shoved, missed the flop and had nothing but regrets.

No one quite has the look of pain when beat than Mike Matusow.
Elezra got short, moved in with Qd 8d from the big blind and Esfandiari was right there with pocket fives. Elezra paired his queen on the flop and Esfandiari hit a two-outer on the turn to make a set.

Antonio Esfandiari went on to become one of the most quotable players in poker.
“I love poker because there are moments of just pure joy when someone gets whacked,” Esfandiari said. “It’s a little sick but when somebody is in pain at the poker table, I kind of enjoy watching somebody feel that pain – not in a mean way. I feel that way all the time, it’s the name of the game. You win some and you lose some.”

Lederer was next to bust – holding pocket aces. Williams looked him up with pocket jacks and spiked a jack on the river to eliminate one of the most hated men in poker.

Williams began heads-up play with an overwhelming chip lead with $115,000 to $25,000. Esfandiari scored a courtesy double up holding ace king to ace seven – which lead to a lengthy match.

They were virtually tied in chips and blinds were getting large. Esfandiari limped on the button, Williams raised on the button with pocket sevens and Esfandiari played back Ad 5s for his stack. Williams didn’t to see the flop and ran over to the couch. 

Williams took a page out of Esfandiari’s book and watched from the couch.
Williams hit a seven on the flop but Esfandiari was drawing live to a straight. He bricked the turn and river and Williams won his first PAD title. 

Most of the Season 3 match ups are available on demand exclusively on PokerGO and new blocks of episodes continue to be released. Season 1 and 2 are available in their entirety with Ali Nejad providing commentary.