Every week, Five of a Kind reviews the funniest, best, and most compelling social media action and this week we look at the crazy high stakes Triton action, the highly successful Poker After Dark “Open Seat” week, extremely sad news about a high stakes legend, and much more.

Koon Shares Unique Look into the World of Triton High Stakes Action

We all knew the high stakes action at the Triton Super High Roller Series was crazy and hard to fathom, but what about all the stuff happening behind the scenes? Jason Koon shared a short clip of him playing no smaller than £3k/£6k Short Deck in a gorgeous ballroom to make the biggest poker fans even more jealous about never being able to reach this level!

Savage & Platt Love Poker After Dark

You have to relive the Poker After Dark “Open Seat” action on PokerGO if you missed it because it was a classic! Friday Night Poker host and World Series of Poker sideline reporter Jeff Platt made his debut playing stakes he’s never even nipped at before while Trevor Savage made it out to Las Vegas as well. Mike Matusow as his usual self, Brandon Cantu came in swinging and so did Justin Young. Lastly, Barry Woods was unafraid to tangle with any of the aforementioned, making for an amazing spectacle. Brandon Schaefer, who also played and possibly won the most money, joined us on the Poker Central Podcast to talk about his life and poker career. Check that out later today.

Bieber vs. Kenney?

Bryn Kenney has $55.5 million in career tournament earnings, so what else is there to do aside from challenging Justin Bieber to a boxing match? The Triton Million winner might never get this crazy fight going but at least we should give him credit for being willing to light a million dollars on fire.

R.I.P. Nutsinho

High stakes poker phenom Richard ‘Nutsinho’ Lyndaker sadly passed away earlier this week. The news was reported on 2+2 where a close friend of his delivered the news of him passing away from an accidental overdose of prescribed pain medication after he sustained a soccer injury. Below you can find a collection of Tweets from his peers on this tragic event.

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