The latest action at Bally’s and Paris casinos in Las Vegas saw thousands more hopefuls push for glory in the 2022 World Series of Poker. Who won and lost on Day 8? Let’s look back at the action.

Brek Schutten Leads Final Six in $50,000 High Roller

The $50,000 High Roller Event #12 saw action close with Brek Schutten holding a massive lead with 10.1 million chips. His closest challenger is Thai player Punnat Punsri with 7.1 million, but while they will start the final day short-stacked, four more sharks remain in the water.

Shannor Shorr, one of the best players never to win a bracelet at the World Series despite over 100 cashes, has 3.65 million chips, while David Peters is going for his second bracelet in a week with 3.4 million. Andrew Lichtenberger brings up the rear with 1.3 million chips.

At the start of the day, 23 players took to the tables to play down to the final table which will be broadcast as live on a short delay on PokerGO. Phil Ivey was a late entrant into the action at the start of Day 2, but although the 10-time WSOP bracelet winner got off to a great start, he couldn’t maintain that level and busted to Schutten in a brutal cooler late on.

With just 16 players cashing, there were some deep runs but no final table appearance for players such as Shaun Deeb (15th for $80,000), Chance Kornuth (14th for $80,000), Koray Aldemir (11th for $100,000) and Dan Smith (10th for $100,000) after the latter came into the day as overnight chip leader.

You’ll be able to watch the final table play down to a winner from 3pm local time right here.

WSOP 2022 Event #12 $50,000 High Roller Top 10 Chipcounts:
Position Player Country Chips
1st Brek Schutten U.S.A. 10,125,000
2nd Punnat Punsri Thailand 7,150,000
3rd Jake Schindler U.S.A. 4,650,000
4th Shannon Shorr U.S.A. 3,650,000
5th David Peters U.S.A. 3,425,000
6th Andrew Lichtenberger U.S.A. 1,325,000

Henry Acain Wins Maiden Bracelet and $700,000 in The Housewarming

A huge payday of $701,215 awaited the winner in Event #5, the $500-entry The Housewarming WSOP event. With just a single former bracelet winner making the final day in Jordan Hufty, all eyes were on whether he could make it number two or whether a new player would reign supreme. In the end, it was the latter as Henry Acain triumphed after a topsy-turvy victory against Jared Kingery heads-up earned him gold.

When the final table was reached, Christian Taylor, who led after Day 2, was still showing a degree of control over proceedings. But that all changed after a huge double-up for Acain through Taylor who was chip leader at the time. Once he had the leader’s scalp, Acain went on a roll and closed it out in style to bank the record score of his career.

WSOP 2022 Event #5 $500 The Housewarming Final Table Results:
Place Player Country Prize
1 Henry Acain U.S.A. $701,215
2 Jared Kingery U.S.A. $433,255
3 Christian Taylor U.S.A. $326,965
4 Orez Mokedi U.S.A. $248,340
5 Jen-Yue Chiang U.S.A. $189,850
6 Darnell White U.S.A. $146,080
7 Jordan Hufty U.S.A. $113,145
8 Erik Carvalho U.S.A. $88,214
9 Isidro Martinez U.S.A. $69,235
10 Yavine Brewer U.S.A. $54,705

Gorodisnky and Diebold Return for Bracelet Battle Tomorrow

The action in Event #10, the $10,000 Dealer’s Choice Championship, had to be curtailed late in the day on Day 8 as Mike Gorodinky (1.6 million) and Ben Diebold (5.7 million) stopped play for the night with the WSOP bracelet and top prize of $299,488 on the line.

Others to cahs in the final stages of the event included Greg Mueller, who ran all the way to ninth place to score $32,608 for Canada. At a truly continental final table, there were also results for Russian Anatoliy Zyrin (7th for $42,205) and Japanese player Noaya Kihara (5th for $73,453).

With the elimination of five-time WSOP bracelet winner Brian Rast in third place for $134,370), play was halted at the players requests, with chip leader Diebold yet to win a bracelet. He has the lead and a good one too, out-chipping Gorodinsky by 3:1. But his fellow American has experience on his side with two WSOP bracelet wins already in his career. Who will win? We’ll find out tomorrow.

WSOP 2022 Event #10 $10,000 Dealer’s Choice Final Table Results:
Place Player Country Prize
1st TBC U.S.A. $299,488
2nd TBC U.S.A. $185,095
3rd Brian Rast U.S.A. $134,370
4th Christopher Claassen U.S.A. $98,738
5th Naoya Kihara Japan $73,453
6th Randy Ohel U.S.A. $55,329
7th Anatolii Zyrin Russia $42,205
8th Jeff Madsen U.S.A. $32,608
9th Greg Mueller Canada $32,608
10th Felipe Ramos Brazil $25,522

Raj Vohra Wins Maiden Bracelet in $600 Deepstack

Raj Vohra overcame Qing Liu to win his first-ever WSOP bracelet at a final table full of players who had never claimed WSOP gold before. With the early eliminations of players such as

Frenchman Renaud Cellini (9th for $31,574) Stanislav Snitsar (8th for $40,378) and Ralph Marquez (7th for $52,035), just six players remained in seats with hopes of becoming a first-time WSOP champion.

That honor missed players such as Junxiu Zhang, Michael Lin and Hung Tran as well as Nicole Limo Greene, who finished in fourth place for $116,568 when her ace-six was dominated by the eventual winner Vohra’s ace-eight.

The final hand saw Vohra need help after Liu, who was all-in and at risk for most of the chips saw his pocket sixes remain ahead on the paint-free flop with Vohra holding ace-king. An ace on the turn changed everything, however, and Liu bricked the river to end in second place, Vohra’s raucous rail erupting upon the moment of his stunning victory.

WSOP 2022 Event #11 $600 NLHE Deepstack Final Table Results:
Place Player Country Prize
1 Raj Vohra U.S.A. $335,286
2 Qing Liu U.S.A. $207,192
3 Hung Tran U.S.A. $154,831
4 Nicole Limo Greene U.S.A. $116,568
5 Michael Lin U.S.A. $88,417
6 Junxiu Zhang U.S.A. $67,572
7 Ralph Marquez Canada $52,035
8 Stanislav Snitsar U.S.A. $40,378
9 Renaud Cellini France $31,574

Kwon Leads from Pupillo and McKeehen in Limit Hold’em Event

Christoph Kwon (1,695,000) is the chip leader in the $1,500-entry Limit Hold’em Event #13, with others such as Nick Pupillo (1,340,000) and Joe McKeehen (1,195,000) extremely well-placed.

Elsewhere in the top 10 chipcounts, Kenny Hsiung (835,000) goes for another mixed game bracelet after a strong overnight Day 2 showing, while Yueqi Zhu (785,0000) from China is the only non-American tpo 10 player to bag chips.

WSOP 2022 Event #13 $1,500 Limit Hold’em Top 10 Chipcounts:
Position Player Country Chips
1st Christoph Kwon U.S.A. 1,695,000
2nd Lee Markholt U.S.A. 1,405,000
3rd Nick Pupillo U.S.A. 1,340,000
4th Joe McKeehen U.S.A. 1,195,000
5th Steven Wolansky U.S.A. 1,180,000
6th Pedro Rios U.S.A. 985,000
7th Ben Ross U.S.A. 965,000
8th Kenny Hsiung U.S.A. 835,000
9th Yueqi Zhu China 785,000
10th Fred Lavassani U.S.A. 710,000

Event #14, the $1,500-entry NLHE Six-Max WSOP bracelet event, saw 2,393 across a frenetic day of action, with just 160 players surviving to Day 2. Among them were some very strong players, with Fabrice Bigot (1,076,000), Shankar Pillai (849,000), Joe Cada (846,000), Anson Tsang (758,000) and Shawn Daniels (732,000) all present and correct in the top 10.

A prize pool of $3.1 million will not see any of it claimed by former WSOP bracelet winners Dylan Linde, Daniel Lazrus, Cord Garcia, Dylan Linde, and Lara Eisenberg, all of whom departed on the day.

WSOP 2022 Event #14 $1,500 NLHE 6-Max Top 10 Chipcounts:
Position Player Country Chips
1st Fabrice Bigot France 1,076,000
2nd Tianyi Mu U.S.A. 883,000
3rd Shankar Pillai U.S.A. 849,000
4th Joe Cada U.S.A. 846,000
5th Giuseppe Pizzolato U.S.A. 802,000
6th Derek Sudell U.S.A. 783,000
7th Blaise Hom U.S.A. 782,000
8th Anson Tsang Hong Kong 758,000
9th Leo Soma U.S.A. 754,000
10th Javier Garcirreynaldos Spain 750,000

Finally, Event #15, the $10,000-entry Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better Championship, saw 180 entries trimmed to just 108 survivors as Bryce Yockey – he of the sensational 99% losing bad beat hand – bagged up 398,000 chips by the close of play. Elsewhere in the Top 10, Ray Dehkharghani (350,000) and Jesse Klein (333,000) were Yockey’s closest challengers, with Alex Livingston (240,000) ending the day in sixth position as he bids to become the first player this World Series to win two bracelets.

Some of the 72 players who lost all their chips included Todd Brunson, Philip Long, Marco Johnson, James Chen, Eli Elezra, Brian Hastings and the 2019 WSOP Player of the Year, Robert Campbell.

WSOP 2022 Event #15 $10,000 Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better Top 10 Chipcounts:
Position Player Country Chips
1st Bryce Yockey U.S.A. 398,000
2nd Ray Dehkharghani U.S.A. 350,000
3rd Jesse Klein U.S.A. 333,000
4th Bart O’Connell U.S.A. 295,000
5th Aditya Prasetyo U.S.A. 248,000
6th Alex Livingston Canada 240,000
7th John Esposito U.S.A. 240,000
8th Perry Friedman U.S.A. 214,000
9th David Prociak U.S.A. 214,000
10th Kosei Ichinose Japan 209,000

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