The 2017 Super High Roller Bowl is days away and the entire tournament is available on PokerGO. Some of the best players in the world are confirmed for the $300,000 high roller event, including some of the best talkers on the planet.

Kevin Hart

There isn’t a single non-pro in the field that can keep up with Hart’s energy and table talk at the felt. His appearances in high rollers earlier in the year saw him more or less performing while he played. Hart’s natural comedic instincts is his best tool to keep the pros at bay and his goal of “making poker fun again” should make for can’t-miss watching.

Tony G

“On your bike!” – Tony G.’s treatment of Ralph Perry still lives in infamy. The businessman turned politician returned to the felt and took down a $10,000 ARIA High Roller event on May 24. His recent win and return to poker’s largest stage is a recipe for a quote-worthy appearance.

Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu’s “kill them with kindness” approach made him millions over the years. The affable Canadian will often call an oppenent’s holdings mid-hand and verbalize his own actions to win the pot. Negreanu’s one of the staunchest supporters of allowing table talk in tournaments, so look for him to use it on the SHR Bowl field.

Bill Perkins

Bill Perkins is known for enormous prop bets and genuinely enjoying the game. His edge comes from pushing action so high it makes most gamblers nervous and he’ll likely negotiate terms of a prop bet during action to shift opponents’ focus.

Phil Hellmuth

The Poker Brat’s best work spawned countless YouTube collections of his rants, raves and insults. Whether it’s talking to his family off camera, degrading every player at his table or his stream-of-consciousness narration of every terrible move by every opponent – it’s somehow worked for him for a long time. 

Doug Polk

“What’s up guys? Doug Polk here..” is burnt into our brains as his signature greeting in his YouTube videos. Polk will engage with nearly anyone at the table on any subject and he’s never short of an opinion.