After a stunning three days of action at London’s Park Lane, Wai Kin Yong triumphed over Paul Phua heads-up to win the Triton London £100,000 Main Event.


With a massive 130 players stumping up the six-figure £100,000 buy-in, five players would add seven-figures to their resume in the exclusive London district of Park Lane, with Sam Greenwood adding to his excellent year, Michael Soyza banking $1.3m and British professional Ben Heath collecting $1.6m. With a deal done between the two final players, in truth, Paul Phua took home only $40,000 less than eventual winner Yong.

Phua won $3,107,828, while Yong’s prize for taking down the title was $3,148,391. But the trophy will mean everything to Yong, son of the famous businessman and poker player Richard Yong.


With nine players beginning the day with dreams of lifting the latest Triton trophy, the action was fast and furious from the off. Wai Leong Chan was the first to depart after Yong sent him packing in ninth place. Just a few hands later, two of the biggest names in the field, Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates and Stephen Chidwick, both busted in the same hand.

Cates moved all-in with ace-three, Chidwick re-shoved with ace-seven, but Michael Soyza isolated with ace-queen and held to send both men home and vault himself up the pecking order.


With two British hopes left after Chidwick’s departure, both men would not survive the mid-afternoon melee. Chi Zhang ran his pocket nines into Paul Phua’s overpair of pocket queens and he was followed out of the door by Sam Greenwood, whose short-stack move with ten-eight off-suit was called by the eventual winner with jack-high. Yong would pair on the flop and hold to reduce the field further.

Yong didn’t seem able to lose, and he would eliminate Michael Soyza when Soyza’s shove with pocket eights was called by Yong’s suited queen. The flush found him a flush and Soyza was doomed, the same fate met by Ben Heath when the British talent saw his shove with pock kings cracked by Paul Phua’s ace-king.

Paul Phua in action during the final table of the £100,000 Main Event. (Photo: PokerPhotoArchive/Joe Giron)
Paul Phua in action during the final table of the £100,000 Main Event. (Photo: PokerPhotoArchive/Joe Giron)


With a deal agreed between Yong and Phua, heads-up was never going to be a tense affair, and when Paul Phua’s shove with queen-six was called by Yong with king-jack, a six on the turn was followed by a jack on the river to end the tournament and crown Yong the winner.

There’s no let-up for the triton players, with plenty more events still to come, with another £100,000-entry Main Event beginning today, along with a £25,000 Short Deck event. Stay tuned to Poker Central for a full recap of this thrilling series of events at its dramatic conclusion.

Final Table Results:

Position Player Prize
1st Wai Kin Yong $3,148,391
2nd Paul Phua $3,107,828
3rd Ben Heath $1,644,718
4th Michael Soyza $1,364,507
5th Sam Greenwood $1,098,915
6th Michael Zhang $866,218
7th Stephen Chidwick $662,760
8th Daniel Cates $499,507
9th Wai Leong Chan $371,584

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