The theme of great lineups in Season 6 of Poker After Dark continues in Part 1 of the $100,000 Cash Game. All six players in the $200/$400 game bought in for at least six figures. There are no soft spots in this lineup with the age range covered from Dwan to ‘Dolly.’

Making its debut in THE VAULT on PokerGO is another high stakes match with personalities battling at the game’s highest level. The whole spectrum is covered and as he usually does in Season 6, Phil Hellmuth has a seat in the game. Hellmuth sits next to the livewire Phil Laak.

Laak and Hellmuth compete in many hands during this game. In Seat 3 is Eli Elezra, who doesn’t shy away from running bluffs on Hellmuth to drive ‘The Poker Brat’ nuts. The other half of the table is relatively mellow with Tom Dwan, Doyle Brunson, and Gus Hansen seated next to each other.

Dwan made his triumphant return to Poker After Dark in August much to the delight of fans who waited years for his comeback. Episodes like this are the reason why Dwan’s reappearance came with such high anticipation. Dwan pulls out all of his tricks in the game with Hellmuth left speechless on numerous occasions.

A star in early days of televised poker, Hansen shows why he is one of the games all-time greats with an aggressive approach to the game that continues to confound opponents.

The game adds the occasional $800 straddle and pots ranging above $100,000 are consistently in play. The added comfort of all players being familiar with each other adds a “home game” vibe and there’s no feeling out period that you sometimes see on televised poker shows.

Poker is the ultimate bridging of generations and Dwan and Brunson walk it together as their respective poker minds are put to the test.

As Hellmuth likes to do, he tries at every moment to get the last word but this time around, someone else gets the last laugh.

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