PokerGO’s 2017 live events slate ended with a Poker After Dark holiday bang and 2018 opened with another. Two nights of “Femme Fatale” cash games featured some of the world’s best female players, including GPI #1 Kristin Bicknell.

The Canadian was the top-ranked female player in the world last year and showed no signs of slowing down during her Poker After Dark debut. During the “Femme Fatale” opener, Bicknell ran an unsuccessful bluff that set her back nearly $50,000, but she managed to battle back to nearly break even on the session. During the Thursday’s finale, she booked an over $100,000 win.

Melanie Weisner also booked a six-figure night during the “Femme Fatale” finale. The former online player debuted on Poker After Dark in 2011 and her return quickly morphed into “The Melanie Weisner Show.” Weisner won pot after pot, including this $70,000 hero call.

While Bicknell and Weisner stole the show on Thursday, Tracy Nguyen was the center of action and attention on Wednesday. The dark horse was the last addition to the “Femme Fatale” lineup and booked the biggest win during the opening $100/$200 session.

Sofia Lovgren, Kitty Kuo, Kathy Liebert, and JJ Liu also battled throughout “Femme Fatale” week and each created their fair share of memorable moments.

Relive all those moments and more on PokerGO and be on the look out for new Poker After Dark episodes later this month.

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