The second and final night of “Femme Fatale” week on Poker After Dark featured more action and larger pots. The $100/$200 game included the same $20,000 minimum buy-in as Wednesday’s episode and the action juiced up on PokerGO.

The full lineup returned with the exception of Kitty Kuo, who was absent due to illness. There were many storylines in play and all participants brought their A-game to the felt.

Melanie Weisner took her fair share of hits to her chip stack on the first night and avenged all of them the second time around. Less than 15 minutes into play, Weisner got into a confrontation with 888poker team pro Sofia Lövgren. Weisner and Lövgren exchanged the lead on each street before getting all the chips in on a dramatic river.

That pot was just the beginning for Weisner, who managed to pick up another top-tier hand soon after. This time, it was Tracy Nguyen who played the mouse to Weisner’s cat. Armed with pocket kings and a favorable flop, Weisner set a trap that Nguyen fell right into.

If you think the “Melanie Weisner Show” was winding down at this point, it was far from over. Weisner got paid off when she had it earlier in the night and when it came time to make a river call against Kathy Liebert, Weisner stood tall against the challenge.

The bluff may have failed for the ‘Poker Kat’ but the legend of the felt held her own for a second straight night. Liebert showed once again why she has stood the test of time.

Weisner finished the session up over $100,000 and was joined in that hierarchy by Kristen Bicknell. Tonight didn’t provide any highlights for Bicknell but a slow and steady climb gave her a winning week on Poker After Dark. Bicknell closed the night a few thousand ahead of Weisner to earn the honors of the big winner.

JJ Liu’s fashion game made waves during the show leading the viewing audience to be even more intrigued by the international woman of mystery.

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