After 2018 opened with a brand-new episode of Poker After Dark last night, the same “Femme Fatale” lineup returns for another $100/$200 cash game session. Wednesday night’s game did not disappoint. There was fast action, plenty of table talk, and some of the game’s best female players in the PokerGO spotlight.

Kristen Bicknell, who ended 2017 as the Global Poker Index’s top-ranked female player, was involved early and often. She played the biggest pot of the night against dark horse Tracy Nguyen and even though she was on the losing end, she battled back to nearly break even on her Poker After Dark debut. The Canadian will return to lead the line again, along with 888poker professional Sofia Lövgren.

The Swede was relatively quiet during her debut performance, but won a critical all-in against Kathy Liebert to turn her session around. While Lövgren was quiet, Liebert was anything but. She kept the game moving with stories from her legendary career, while also showing off a few different speeds of play.

While the action was faster on the Bicknell, Nguyen, Lövgren, Liebert side of the table, Melanie Weisner and JJ Liu were involved throughout the night. It will be interesting to see how tonight’s redraw alters the action and conversations, but either way, the “Femme Fatale” finale is sure to be an entertaining session.

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