The scorching start to the 2023 Poker Masters continued for Vladas Tamasauskas, as he notched his second victory of the series and increased his lead in the quest for the prestigious Purple Jacket.

Tamasauskas came into the final table of Event #3: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em as the shortest stack of the six remaining players. After holding steady for the first hour, Tamasauskas had Chance Kornuth slightly covered in the first all-in confrontation of the final table. Tamasauskas' better hand held up to leave five players remaining. A full house-versus-full house cooler came next against Michael Rocco, and Tamasauskas was on the winning end to vault into the chip lead.

In the end, Tamasauskas topped Ren Lin in heads-up play. He began with nearly a 3-to-1 chip lead, and although Lin doubled into the lead briefly, Tamasauskas made a big river call to retake the lead en route to his second victory of the series, besting the field of 87 entries.

2023 Poker Masters Event #3 Results

Place Player Country Prize
1st Vladas Tamasauskas Lithuania $208,800
2nd Ren Lin China $147,900
3rd Daniel Rezaei Austria $104,400
4th Alex Foxen United States $87,000
5th Michael Rocco United States $69,600
6th Chance Kornuth United States $52,200
7th Andrew Lichtenberger United States $43,500
8th Dan Shak United States $34,800
9th Filipp Khavin United States $34,800
10th Jose Diaz United States $26,100
11th Ryan Riess United States $26,100
12th Brock Wilson United States $17,400
13th Jeremy Becker United States $17,400

The first to exit the final table was the aforementioned Chance Kornuth in sixth place, who got short and got it in with ace-three against the pocket queens of Tamasauskas. The queens held and Tamasauskas' rise to the top was underway.

Not long after was the full house-against-full house cooler for Tamasauskas against Michael Rocco, who had started the final table as the chip leader. Tamasauskas flopped a set of sevens, Rocco flopped queens and fives for top and bottom pair, and another five came on the river to give both a full house. The chips got in after that river and Rocco was left with less than a big blind, busting shortly thereafter in fifth place.

Alex Foxen was the next to go, also by way of a cooler. Daniel Rezaei flopped a set of eights, Foxen floated the flop with ace-six, paired the ace on the turn, and improved to two pair with a six on the river. The chips went in and Foxen was out in fourth place.

Rezaei took the chip lead a little while later, but a picked-off bluff sent him tumbling down the counts. On a three-spade board, Rezaei check-raised with that chip-leading stack holding the ace of spades, but Tamasauskas found a call with top pair. Rezaei fell soon after in third place.

Tamasauskas had a solid lead over Ren Lin to begin heads-up play. A standard race quickly into the heads-up duel saw Lin's pocket sixes hold against Tamasauskas' ace-queen, giving Lin the lead. It was short-lived, though, as Tamasauskas found another big river call to pull back ahead. On the final hand, Tamasauskas' queen-three held against Lin's jack-nine to lock up the victory.

Tamasauskas extended his lead on the Poker Masters series leaderboard and is a clear 233 points out front. Lin jumped into second place with his runner-up finish.

2023 Poker Masters Leaderboard Top 10

Place Player Wins Cashes Winnings Points
1st Vladas Tamasauskas 2 3 $506,400 506
2nd Ren Lin 0 2 $273,300 273
3rd Darren Elias 1 1 $223,100 223
4th Aram Zobian 0 1 $171,000 171
5th Eric Baldwin 0 1 $155,200 155
6th Filipp Khavin 0 2 $137,400 138
7th Alex Foxen 0 2 $135,500 136
T-8th Bin Weng 0 2 $133,500 133
T-8th Daniel Rezaei 0 2 $133,500 133
10th Michael Rocco 0 2 $108,400 109

The 2023 Poker Masters series continues through September 26. The series consists of 10 high-stakes poker tournaments, culminating in the $50,000 NL Hold'em finale. The player to accumulate the most PGT leaderboard points during the series will be crowned Poker Masters champion, winning the Purple Jacket and $50,000 championship bonus. For full schedule details, visit pgt.com/schedule.

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