Thursday means Throwback Hands and this week’s version stars a familiar face to those who watched “Under the Gun” week on PokerGO. Eli Elezra faces a tough decision against Doyle Brunson in a $200/$400 cash game on Poker After Dark when the action gets busy on the river.

Elezra interrogates Brunson but receives no information to work with. This frustrates Elezra, who says that years of playing with ‘Texas Dolly’ earned him at least a word or two. Does familiarity breed contempt? The look on Brunson’s face would agree.

Not one to ever back down, Elezra challenges Brunson until finally making a decision in a pot worth almost $100,000. Does he make the right choice against his rival? Watch the full episode on PokerGO to find out.

“Under the Gun” week wrapped up yesterday but there is more than enough time to relive the action by subscribing to PokerGO today.

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