Since Poker After Dark‘s reboot, PokerGO has been the home to some of the world’s biggest and most talked about cash game pots. On a weekly basis, the likes of Tom Dwan, Daniel “Jungleman” Cates, Matt Berkey, “Aussie” Matt Kirk, and more have played for fortunes, but this week’s viral hand featured two old school Poker After Dark legends.

The odds that players that gained celebrity from Poker After Dark‘s original run were in “Under the Gun” week’s favor. The $100/$200 game was headlined by Phil Hellmuth, Jennifer Tilly, Jean-Robert Bellande, and Eli Elezra, who have over 50 combined Poker After Dark appearances. Each have dozens of high stakes highlights on their resumes, but the collision between Hellmuth and JRB may out-kick them all.

In the second-to-last hand of the “Under the Gun” opener, Hellmuth laid what turned out to be the perfect trap with pocket aces. The game got bigger thanks to the addition of a $400 straddle and after a raise from Hollywood producer Randall Emmett, Hellmuth called and Bellande three-bet to $6,000.

Emmett folded and Hellmuth elected to move all-in. Had Hellmuth been behind his initial $10,000 buy-in, that play would make perfect sense. But, the 15-time bracelet winner had already crushed the game and had over 11 times that amount in front of him. The huge over shove was for $116,000 and that should have just ended things right there. It didn’t though, as Bellande went deep into the tank and eventually called with ace-jack.

Can Hellmuth’s pocket aces hold or will the “Poker Brat” go bust? Watch this highlight exclusively on Poker Central’s YouTube channel and then head to PokerGO for full on-demand event replays from Poker After Dark high stakes cash games.

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