“Under the Gun” week started in spectacular fashion last night and tonight’s Poker After Dark show raised the stakes once more. Phil Hellmuth returned for the $100/$200 action alongside all of the characters from the opening round of play.

The action played on PokerGO with a $10,000 buy-in with players entering for as much as $250,000, thanks to Jean-Robert Bellande.

Joining the gang was comedian, actor, and poker enthusiast Norm Macdonald. In his first Poker After Dark appearance, Macdonald displayed his poker skills along with his expertise of well-timed jokes.

Relive all of the night’s action here:

Macdonald bought into the game for $10,000 and ran his stack up right away. Randall Emmett ended up on the wrong side of kings versus queens and the first major pot went Macdonald’s way.

The second break coincided with Macdonald’s exit from the show and he left with a sizable win booked.

Jennifer Tilly made most of her winnings on this night through Emmett as well. Tilly turned perfect and then faced a tough river decision versus the Hollywood producer. The string of coolers continues for Emmett, who once again finished with the second-best hand in the Hollywood battle.

Hellmuth closed out last night’s action with an epic an all-in score against Jean-Robert Bellande. Pocket aces found Hellmuth again tonight and he picked up action from Jeremy Ausmus, who checked in from The Bullpen midway through the show.

Pocket aces propelled Hellmuth to book the big win on the show for the second consecutive night and wrapped up an excellent week of Poker After Dark action.

Robert Sanchez, Daniel Weinand, Alan Richardson, and Eli Elezra rounded up the lively bunch for the game. Richardson entered from The Bullpen shortly after Ausmus.

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Stay tuned next week for the start of the Poker Masters streaming final tables on September 8.

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