If the first round of ‘Railbird Heaven’ didn’t grab your attention, the new addition to the “Railbird Heaven II” lineup certainly will. Armed with blue hair and a lot of gamble, David ‘Viffer’ Peat takes a seat in the $200/$400 cash game, replacing Gus Hansen.

Now available in THE VAULT on PokerGO is the second of the Railbird Heaven game with new seats and always high stakes.

Hansen had a seat in the game to start but ceded it to Peat, who makes his second appearance on Poker After Dark after first appearing on “Cash Game #1” back in Season 4.

Peat is a poker cult hero for his high stakes cash game exploits along with numerous stories from off the felt. There’s a reason why “Viffer stories” are popular in the poker lexicon.

If Peat’s hair didn’t give away his intent to add action to the already high-flying game, then his hand selection certainly does. Peat jumps right in and mixes it up with all players in the game, including Phil Hellmuth and Tom Dwan.

Surprise, surprise, Hellmuth has himself a new rival in Peat, who drives Hellmuth up a wall with both his talk and unconventional play.

Daniel Negreanu and Patrik Antonius keep their seats in the game and do their part to show why they are considered two of the best of their generation.

In Season 6 and 7, Peat makes a combined eight appearances. That total is among the most for any player during that stretch. Point being, the fans love ‘Viffer.’

This episode marks the end of Season 5 for Poker After Dark. PokerGO will soon be adding to THE VAULT with Season 6 episodes in a few week’s time.

Come the holidays, what better way to waste away after a full day of shopping than with six your high stakes friends? PokerGO is always open to you and yours.

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