When mainstream media pays attention to poker it’s usually not good. Sure there’s the Associated Press and Reuters at the November Nine or a poker player in a major Hollywood reality show but the Washington Post published a profile on socialite Jane Hitchcock on how she found poker later in life.

Hitchcock is a New York Times bestselling writer with a series of murder mysteries published by HarperCollins and traveled the world with Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

Hitchcock played online poker in 2009 as an escape and told the Post, “I wasn’t an old bat in curlers and fuzzy slippers. I was a 24-year-old, out-of-work, disaffected guy who was mad, bad, dangerous to know and more dangerous to play with. I was very, very aggressive.”

Hitchcock started with live tournaments in 2013, found herself in a couple shady private games but all of her experience is going into her new book, tentatively titled “Bluff.” “Poker’s like a big theater,” she said. “Every hand is a scene and everyone’s an actor. But it’s supposed to be that way. That’s the joy of it, that’s the thrill of it and that’s the game of it,” she said to the Post.

Hitchcock has a handful of cashes on her resume – the largest being $11,825 for a runner-up finish in a 2016 $1,100 WPT Maryland Live! Bounty event.