This week five new episodes of Deep Issues were released exclusively on PokerGO featuring David PetersNick Petrangelo, Rep Porter, Sarah Herring, and Daniel Negreanu. Today we take a closer look at the episode featuring PokerNews video host Sarah Herring who’s got quite the story to share with our own Drea Renee!

Reporting on poker tournaments all over the world since 2010, Sarah Herring has seen it all. But did you know that prior to holding the mic to chase down the likes of Phil Ivey and Phil Hellmuth she was an assistant director in Hollywood?

On this episode of Deep Issues, Herring tells the story of how a pair of brass knuckles ended up in her purse after a day on set, but unfortunately for her, she forgot to take them out as she headed to the airport. What happened next is the scenario that nobody wants to find themselves in, so go watch the full episode in the player below.

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