The final episode of “Dead Money” week on Poker After Dark featured action from all corners. The $200/$400 game put all seven of the players on display with Stanley Choi serving as the headliner.

The Hong Kong businessman was on the wrong end of Garrett Adelstein’s run last night but found himself booking a big win in the game’s second act live on PokerGO.

Choi tangled with “Dead Money” namesake Matt Berkey in the first few minutes of play. Berkey put Choi to an early decision and the high roller champion passed and doubled up as a result. Similar to yesterday, Berkey found himself stung by the deck.

Adelstein distributed chips across the table tonight instead of taking them in. On Adelstein’s left sat Poker After Dark first-timer Billy O’Neil. The East Coast pro made some fans tonight and kickstarted his run with a double up against Adelstein.

O’Neil built his stack into the largest one of the night and finished the game as the big winner.

Berkey fell early against Choi but regained his footing for the rest of the night. Facing two strong opponents in Adelstein and O’Neil, Berkey barrelled his way to a crucial pot to help get himself almost unstuck on the session.

Dr. Sean Dempsey and Jean-Robert Bellande stepped into the ring a few times tonight but stayed out of harm’s way. Bellande offered a new fashion item to viewers. Whether to protect himself from cold cards or spice things up, Bellande’s hat gave the fans something to talk about.

The final nemesis that stood against Adelstein was Poker After Dark mainstay Bob Bright. The septuagenarian waited patiently all night for his time to strike and attained maximum value from Adelstein to lock up a winning night.

Poker After Dark is back next week starting on Wednesday, February 21 at 6:00 pm ET with “Talk the Talk” week starring “Moon Magic” headliners Antonio Esfandiari and Danielle Andersen. The $20,000 minimum buy-in game runs on the 21st and 22nd and won’t be short on words or chips.

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