Since the beginning, Poker After Dark has featured the highest stakes and brightest stars. That trend continued last week, when back-to-back nights of “Moving Violations” cash games featured Hollywood celebrities and exciting action. Jennifer Tilly, Don Cheadle, and Randall Emmett led the Hollywood charge, but it was Antonio Esfandiari who led the way, booking two huge wins while creating more Poker After Dark memories along the way.

“The Magician” has been a Poker After Dark fan favorite for over a decade, not only because of his excitable nature at the tables, but also his success. Esfandiari has booked Poker After Dark win after Poker After Dark win and he flexed his high stakes muscles again during “Moving Violations” week.

The hand of the week involved the “Moving Violations” week’s Big Three. Esfandiari, Tilly, and Cheadle collided in a massive $250,000 pot and Esfandiari took down both Hollywood celebrities on the river. The hand went viral and this time, Esfandiari was on the winning end, unlike his kings vs. aces cooler that nearly broke the internet during “The Return of Tom Dwan” week.

While that hand was the biggest of the week, there were multiple pots that ballooned over $100,000 during both $50/$100 cash game sessions. “Moving Violations” week played bigger than expected and at one point during the finale, there was over $1 million dollars on the table.

Relive the action from both “Moving Violations” cash games on-demand through exclusive PokerGO event replays and be on the look out for more Poker After Dark action this week.

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