When Poker After Dark left the airwaves in 2011, there was a sea of episodes left to be unearthed at a later date. Today is that day and THE VAULT on PokerGO is the official landing spot for these episodes. The first one on the list is a $100,000 cash game that plays at stakes of $200/$400.

Phil Hellmuth headlines the game and is joined by “Moving Violations” star Antonio Esfandiari. If you thought Esfandiari brought his A-game last week, this episode blows that performance out of the water.

This show brings out the best in Hellmuth, who can’t keep away from Esfandiari’s needles. Hellmuth shows a fun side of the ‘Poker Brat’ persona and puts his opponents on the edge.

One of those opponents is Poker After Dark debutant Justin Smith. ‘BoostedJ’ is a name fans of online poker recognize but he is also a live poker killer. The skills Smith honed on the keyboard are on display here, along with his great sense of fashion. Ali Nejad approves.

Hellmuth isn’t the only former WSOP Main Event champ sitting down as Huck Seed earns that honor as well. This show is the first time Seed appears on Poker After Dark since Season 4 and he makes every second of it count.

Filling in the blanks are ‘Cowboy’ Andy Bloch and Annette Obrestad. Bloch’s familiar hat is his trademark at this stage in his career and of course, Esfandiari has a few things to say about the look.

Between Seed’s cardigan, Obrestad’s sparkles, and Hellmuth’s blazer, it’s a fashion runway at ARIA.

Find this episode in THE VAULT by subscribing to PokerGO for a show that is as much fun as it is high stakes. Poker After Dark returns with brand new live episodes this week with a great lineup in store. In between then, check out all of “Moving Violations” week.

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