After an exciting “Reality Check” opener, a similar lineup returns to PokerGO to close out the week’s Poker After Dark cash game action. Thursday night’s session featured some big names and big personalities. Maria Ho, Poker After Dark veteran Jean-Robert Bellande, and Nick Schulman each have tons of PokerGO experience and this week’s “Big Three” will return for Friday’s $100/$200 NLH cash game.

They’ll be joined by the player that lit up Thursday’s opener, Bob Bright. The high stakes regular booked a six-figure win, something that is quickly becoming the norm during his Poker After Dark appearances. Dr. Sean Dempsey also returns, after an up and down debut performance.

John Morgan and Evan Sofer will not be featured tonight, but former WSOP Player of the Year Frank Kassela will. Kassela made his Poker After Dark during “Voices Carry” week, battling one of the toughest PAD lineups in history, and the three-time WSOP bracelet winner will make his first appearance of 2018 tonight.

Tonight’s stream is now live on PokerGO and be sure to follow PokerGO on Twitter for “Reality Check” content throughout the broadcast.

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