Poker After Dark wrapped up “Reality Check” week with a strong performance from one of the top players in the world. Maria Ho flew under the radar in Thursday’s Nick Schulman-dominated game. That changed tonight as she took charge and made the table bend at her will.

The $100/$200 game streamed on PokerGO and featured most of the same lineup as Thursday with Schulman and Jean-Robert Bellande back in the game.

Frank Kassela joined tonight’s lineup and found himself to be a winner for most of the night. All the time spent building his stack went to hell in a hurry for Kassela in a nightmare scenario versus Ho. Kassela got all of his chips in with the nuts but the deck was on Ho’s side in this hand.

The loss against Ho took Kassela down a peg but his night looked promising early. Kassela’s session started the perfect way. Much like Schulman on Thursday, Kassela got all of his chips in with pocket kings on the first hand of the night. This time, it was Bellande who faced the uphill battle to win the pot.

Dr. Sean Dempsey and Bob Bright both returned to the Poker After Dark set. Dr. Dempsey ended up a winner on the night to close out his first-ever appearance on Poker After Dark. John Morgan and Evan Sofer did not play in Friday’s episode following their respective strong Thursday performance.

The game featured moments from all players but the night belonged to Ho. Curious as to how Ho achieved her status in the poker world? Check out her Pokerography, available by subscribing to PokerGO.

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