Poker After Dark returned to PokerGO tonight with the premiere of “Reality Check” week. Players with established skills in front of the camera on and off the felt played into the theme leading to poker’s biggest personalities being at the forefront.

More of a physical presence than anything else when he plays, Super High Roller Bowl commentator Nick Schulman held down the fort in the $100/$200 game. Schulman appeared on MTV’s Life of Jenks in his 20s and is right at home looking into the camera. A professional poker player by trade, Schulman’s pivot into broadcasting has been nothing but a success.

Many were wondering if Schulman missed broadcast partner Ali Nejad before their reunion.

Schulman was fast out of the gate in the $30,000 minimum buy-in game. Dealt pocket kings against bracelet winner Dr. Sean Dempsey, the chips went all-in preflop and an instant-classic hand was born.

The hand between Dr. Dempsey and Schulman was not the last time pocket kings factored into the script. Jean-Robert Bellande is a friend to multiple audiences. You might recognize Bellande from his stint on Survivor or his recent Poker After Dark appearances including “Games of our Lives.”

Tonight, watch Bellande get involved in another legendary pot with Bob Bright playing the role of foil.

Bright used that pot as the catalyst for him booking a strong six-figure win on the night.

The players making their Poker After Dark debut showed well. Dr. Dempsey climbed back into the game after his earlier hit. Former WSOP Europe Main Event champion James Bord and businessman Evan Sofer were active for the duration of the show.

Dr. Dempsey and Bord return tomorrow night and are to be joined by Frank Kassela, who takes the place of Sofer. This is Kassela’s first Poker After Dark show since the “Rumble with Jungle.”

Maria Ho arrived on the other side of her “Holidays with Hellmuth” and the former Amazing Race star completed the first leg of Poker After Dark this week. If you’re curious about where Ho’s world-class poker skills came from, check out her Pokerography.

Ho will be back for tomorrow’s episode which starts at 6:00 pm ET on PokerGO.

Poker After Dark is far from the only available content on PokerGO with the U.S. Poker Open premiering on Friday, February 2 for the first of nine live streamed final tables.

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