After stumbling across this headline, you must be filled with excitement and anticipation to find out how you can make your way into the PokerGO Studio to play with living legend Doyle Brunson. Well, we’ve got news for you: It’s possible! Possible, if you’re willing to bring the funds needed to compete to Texas Dolly in a variety of mixed games, because a seat at the table won’t come cheap!

Dolly’s Game saw its debut on PokerGO last night with a seven-handed $400/$800 2-7 No Limit Single Draw Lowball cash game that was headlined by Doyle Brunson along with Billy Baxter, Shawn Sheikhan, Lyle Berman, David Grey, Ron Kirk, and Majid Yahyaei. Relive the entire first session with commentary by Ali Nejad and Randy Ohel right here.

Prior to the first night of Dolly’s Game getting underway, Doyle spoke to the Poker Central Podcast and made it abundantly clear that this game is open to everyone.

“The first two nights of Dolly’s Game are 2-7 No Limit Single Draw, but the main thing we want to do is have mixed games in here. We want players from all over the country to send their information into PokerGO, along with the games and stakes they’re interested in.”

“This is an open invite for anyone who wants to play,” Brunson said.

Dolly’s Game will take place once a month with two back-to-back sessions of action. The next two nights are slated to be a mixed game and take place on February 5-6. About the Dolly’s game concept, Brunson said the following.

“I like it because I get to play with some different players than who I usually play with. The guys I play within Bobby’s Room are always the same players, and this show allows me to play with some others.”

Brunson no longer travels for tournaments or cash games, but he hopes that players will travel to Las Vegas and join him in the PokerGO Studio.

“Playing on TV for me is just another poker game. My opponents might play a little differently, but for me, it’s the same. Some of these guys on TV love showing off their skills, and that’s also part of what makes the game good.”

Hinting at any future action, Brunson alluded to the stakes might breaking some more records. During the recent Super High Roller Cash Game, a $3,000/$6,000 limit game was spread, but Brunson thinks they can easily play bigger than that.

“We could have a $4,000/$8,000 game in her the next time! There were a few weeks in Bobby’s Room recently where there were four tables running and the smallest game was $4,000/$8,000 and the No Limit games were playing with a $125,000 cap.”

So there you have it, Doyle Brunson is a recurring feature on PokerGO and if you have the funds to compete, there’s a seat open. The price of poker is very high, but the reward could very much be worth it!

The action continues tonight at 6:00 pm ET with commentary provided by Ali Nejad and Randy Ohel. Last night, Ohel put it perfectly when explaining the rules of 2-7 No Limit Single Draw, for those unfamiliar.

“Think back of your kitchen table game, it’s five card draw but whatever would lose at your kitchen table is a winner in this game. Straights and flushes count against you in this game, where the best possible hand is 2-3-4-5-7.

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