Last week, Poker Central announced PokerGO’s newest original series Chasing Hearts, which joins Pokerography, Major Wager, and Poker Nights in the on-demand library of original programming. The unscripted six-part series premiered Monday, October 2nd and follows couples on blind dates, while Chasing Hearts hosts and experts Hayley Bright, a relationship and lifestyle expert, and Blake Eastman, a poker coach and founder of the training site Beyond Tells, offer analysis and unique insights through the lens of the poker world.

From reading your opponents physical tells to collect valuable information, dealing with different levels of aggression, pushing the right button at the right time, picking off bluffs, and dealing with both hot and cold decks, poker and blind dating have more in common than you may think.

Just like poker, blind dating isn’t always a successful endeavor, but with two industry experts giving advice in real time, there are a few aces up these daters sleeves. Bright and Eastman analyze daters every move, while primarily focusing on physical tells that are also analyzed at the poker table.

Don’t believe that poker and blind dating have similarities? Just wait until you check out Chasing Hearts, PokerGO’s newest original series. All six episodes are now streaming on-demand, alongside the rest of PokerGO’s original content library