The newest episode of Major Wager, exclusively on PokerGO, a reality series hosted by Joey Ingram where he pits poker’s biggest personalities against each other in prop bets where dignity and pride are on the line. Ingram created a challenge for professional best friends Antonio Esfandiari and Jeff Gross that is quintessential Las Vegas – a pole-dancing competition.



Esfandiari and Gross were no strangers to the Las Vegas night scene a few years ago during their party days. One could safely assume that they may have seen a pole dance or two on occasion while in Las Vegas.

They met for a training session at Pole Fitness Studio with instructor Fawnia Mondey for some one-one-one training before the dance off. Esfandiari insisted that Gross be called “Star” and he was “Co-Star” and quickly got to work channeling his “sultry, Persian side.”

Gross’ history as a Division I athlete should give him the advantage and he went for a upbeat routine. Esfandiari spied on Gross’ training session and called him the favorite. But Esfandiari is never one at a loss for confidence and said, “Stick to poker and leave the pole-dancing to us men.”

The performances were beyond description, but garnered laughs and cat calls from the audience. Mondey said, “they were amazing – so natural.” The punishment involved the loser performing a commercial for studio – that won’t leave your head anytime soon.

Be sure to watch the full episode to see who won and how bad punishment was only on PokerGO. New episodes of Major Wager debut each day of the week through Friday, September 8.