The condensed episodes of Poker Masters arrive at the second final table of the series. The $50,000 High Roller puts Phil Hellmuth in a position to capture his first title of 2017. It’s a tough lineup with three German players staring across the felt at ‘The Poker Brat.’

Now available on PokerGO is a battle of the new school and old school with a $2.5 million prize pool to fight over.

Steffen Sontheimer is already at his second final table of the series after placing fourth in Event 1. The $204,000 locked up by the German rockstar at that final table combined with the $900,000 he wins in Event #2 make him the player to beat in the race to become the first Poker Master.

Sontheimer has some company from Germany at this final table. 2017 Super High Roller Bowl contestants Fedor Holz and Christian Christner are up for the task to add a new flag next to the champions list.

Nick Schulman’s bid to win the first two tournaments comes up shy but Hellmuth and Tom Marchese are there to pick up the American slack. Marchese is the ‘King of Cards’ for a reason and puts the table on notice right away he is not to be pushed around.

Germany isn’t the only European nation among the final eight. Adrian Mateos flies the flag for Spain.

Also in the mix are ARIA regulars Bryn Kenney and Dan Shak.

Hellmuth tries to dissuade Sontheimer and crew from coming after him but it’s a familiar sight of the ‘Poker Brat’ versus the world.

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