After a fast-paced final table saw all five of his rivals busted within just over two hours of play, Paul Newey became a tournament champion on the day before his 50th birthday as he took down Event #3 of the British Poker Open.

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While the eventual winner Paul Newey folded many of his early hands, others had to move faster to gain ground. Cary Katz was in good shape with ace-nine when he moved all-in pre-flop against Belarussian player Mikita Badziakouski, who held ace-seven. But a seven on the turn spelled doom for Katz and Badziakouski forced himself back into contention.

It would be Sam Greenwood who would bust in fifth place to earn £36,800 for his efforts, holding ace-king on an ace-high board from the flop. But the flop was all diamonds too, and Paul Newey loves a little bling, as the chain around his neck hinted. He had flopped the flush and called off Greenwood’s shove on the river to eliminate the Canadian.


While Paul Newey was suddenly chip leader out of nowhere, the blinds were rising, and two players were forced to make a move or be blinded out of contention. First, Badziakouski busted when his dominated ace-jack was taken down by Newey’s ace-queen.

Play was sent heads-up when Elio Fox raised for two-thirds of his stack with three-handed and Sam Soverel re-raised all-in with pocket kings. Fox called it off and although he hit a queen on the flop, couldn’t catch up.

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High Roller of the Year leader Sam Soverel fell just short of a British Poker Open title once again!
High Roller of the Year leader Sam Soverel fell just short of a British Poker Open title once again!


Newey started heads-up a tiny bit behind. But he won the only big pot of the heads-up duel when he was dealt a pair of nines, and raised all-in over the three-bet by Sam Soverel with pocket jacks. The cards were on their backs, almost all of the chips were in the pot and Newey needed a lot of help.

Newey got it in spectacular fashion when a nine landed on the turn to give Newey the hand and very soon afterwards after mopping up Sam Soverel’s final two big blinds, the title.

“It’s the first time I’ve won a big live event and I won all my all-ins – that makes it easier!” said Newey after the event. “I was reminding Sam heads up about our heads-up four years ago in Vegas when it was a $10k heads-up tournament and they had to create new blind levels for us!”

Although he played some great stuff to win the title, Newey appreciated his fortune at stages, not just today, but all the way back to Day 1, where he returned from nowhere to climb off the metaphorical canvas.

“I had just over three big blinds at my lowest point and I got lucky again yesterday,” he said upon victory. The humble Brit has won his first-ever live event at this level on the eve of his 51st birthday, what a present for the colorful character at the tables.

Final Table Results:

Place Player  Country Prize
1 Paul Newey United Kingdom £156,400
2 Sam Soverel United States £101,200
3 Elio Fox United States £69,000
4 Mikita Badziakouski Belarus £46,000
5 Sam Greenwood Canada £36,800
6 Cary Katz United States £27,600

The British Poker Open Championship standings are now as follows.

Name Points Payouts
1 Sam Soverel (2) 280 £179,200
2 Paul Newey 200 £156,400
3 George Wolff 200 £120,000
4 Luc Greenwood 200 £119,600
5 Steve O’Dwyer 140 £72,800
6 Stephen Chidwick (2) 140 £71,000
7 Elio Fox 100 £69,000
8 Robert Flink 100 £41,600
9 Mikita Badziakouski 80 £46,000
10 Gavin Cochrane 80 £30,000
11 Sam Grafton 80 £26,000
12 Sam Greenwood 60 £36,800
13 Joni Jouhkimainen 60 £24,000
14 Cary Katz 40 £27,600

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Sam Soverel, Elio Fox, Mikita Badziakouski, Sam Greenwood, Cary Katz, Paul Newey