The second night of “Moon Magic” did not disappoint with action and fun abound on the Poker After Dark stream. Available only on PokerGO, the $25/$50 game played higher than the stakes would indicate with a $100 straddle frequently in play along with a $200 double-straddle administered. Combine that with the hourly “bomb pot” of $500 being put into the middle preflop by all six players, literally every hand was a must-watch.

Antonio Esfandiari was the star of the show once again as he used timely hands and table talk to collect huge pots throughout the course of the night. Seated next to the active Jacky Wang, it took less than 30 minutes for a $220,000 pot to break out between the two of them. Esfandiari knows how to get paid when he has it and did just that to leave Wang needing to rebuy.


The “Seven-Deuce” game was in effect again on Wednesday night and Esfandiari picked up the supposed worst hand in No Limit Hold’em three times. Esfandiari collected $500 from each player for winning all of those hands and won the most from Lauren Roberts. Dealt the novelty hand once again, Esfandiari took the scenic route to win more than they both bargained for.

Soon after that, Esfandiari and Danielle Andersen battled. Esfandiari’s run good could be summed up in this hand as he found a two-outer on the turn against ‘dmoongirl’ and got all of her chips on the river.

Even though it was the “Antonio Show,” Justin Young wound up as the big winner for the night. The Las Vegas pro sat idly as Esfandiari built his stack next door and then found a nutted turn of his own to tear down the mountain of the ‘The Magician.’

Barry Woods started the game in Seat 6 but hit the exits early in the night. In his place, local high stakes grinder Len Ashby took a seat of his own. Ashby’s legend preceded him at the table and he put on a good showing in his first ever Poker After Dark appearance.

The full week of “Moon Magic” action is in the PokerGO on demand library. Subscribe now to watch all Poker After Dark episodes and follow Poker Central for updates regarding the next lineup.

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