On Day #3 of the 2019 World Series of Poker, we learned many things. We realized that we’re really living in Ali Imsirovic’s world and might be figments of his vivid imagination. We also learned that the Rio will never turn you away from an event and we learned to appreciate dealers. Let’s start with some ground rules, however. Don’t @ us during breaks about these articles.


While Kid Poker has got off to a flier at the felt, final tabling his first event, the $10k Super-Turbo, he admitted that he got lucky to get that far. But he’s since proved that while form is temporary, class is permanent. A victim of his own success, however, Negreanu, having recently got married, left PokerStars and sold action at face value for the WSOP, is extremely popular. So popular with fans in fact that he put out this public service notice via his Twitter page:

Take heed, fans/investors of DNegs. And maybe time it right after a hand he’s won rather than a bad beat.


If anyone is after good karma early in the Series, it’s Allen Kessler. He’s won this year’s ‘praise the dealers’ race, and if you have that to complete your line at Poker Catchphrase Bingo, congratulations, you just won a queue-jumper for the men’s restroom all summer*. *Just kidding, guys.


We already put together a comprehensive list of the travel tips you really need to help you at this year’s World Series of Poker, but if you missed them or just can’t find your bottle opener and need that cool libation right now in your hotel room, Darren Elias (and Nick Petrangelo) are here to remind you of how to solve your problem:


Matt Berkey clearly read yesterday’s Poker Central round-up of #Postivity and wants in on the action. According to him, absolute gridlock around the Rio is a show of how healthy poker really is. Great vibes for the next time you’re stuck behind a guy whose bumper sticker reads ‘I’d Rather Be Playing Poker’ for two hours.


The Big 50 is probably a lot of recreational poker players’ first experience of a poker tournament, but at least one table had an odd welcome to the Rio.

So there you have it. Make sure you get down to the Rio this summer, because you never know what part of the building you might discover before the WSOP leaves the venue if the rumors are true.

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Daniel Negreanu, Darren Elias, Nick Petrangelo, Matt Berkey, Allen Kessler