There comes a moment in every Poker After Dark Sit-n-Go where the jovial nature of the table turns serious. That point in time comes midway through a Season 1 episode where Jennifer Harman and Antonio Esfandiari square off in a crucial hand.

Harman’s tournament life is effectively on the line inside THE VAULT on PokerGO as she squirms under the pressure place by Esfandiari.

You can tell this is an important as soon as Harman puts the three-bet in based on the collective silence of Phil Hellmuth and Phil Laak. 90 percent of the time, the two are talking through an entire hand but the pros recognize a spot that might require some and give Harman the silence she rhetorically asks for.

The always-aggressive Esfandiari puts Harman in a tough position with a lot of chips at stake and only one place getting paid. It is fair to assume that most of the plays made on Poker After Dark in the Sit-n-Go format are done under the pretense that only the winner will make any money.

This leaves some room for creativity and Esfandiari uses that dynamic to use his advantage. Half the battle of bluffing is selling to your opponent that you have “it.” Even though Harman isn’t quite sure, she can’t pull the trigger as she audibly notes that Esfandiari could have air.

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