While a tweet or two may let fans into their favorite poker player’s heads, it’s usually just for a brief moment thanks to a 140-character limit. Instagram has no such boundaries though and this week brought some Super Bowl themed pictures across our timeline that were all worth more than a thousand words.


On this 48th year I will prove I once had hair!! #MiniFro #PrepPride

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When he wasn’t celebrating a birthday or announcing the year’s biggest Twitch poker free roll or enjoying Super Bowl LI, Bill Perkins took the time to prove that he did, in fact, once have hair. Perkins, who now goes with a clean shaven look, not only used to rock the maroon and white of his high school alma mater, St. Peter’s Prep, but also a pretty hip afro. Add this to the list of things we’d like to see return in 2017.


Fun night! #superbowl weekend with friends and family! #charity #poker #friends #superbowl51 #biggamebiggive

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The poker community loves to give back and this weekend, Jeff Gross, along with Bill Perkins who was also in attendance, did at the “Big Game Big Give” charity event. After record breaking fundraising efforts in 2015 and 2016, 2017 was even bigger, thanks to Gross’ long-time friend and Olympic legend Michael Phelps. He was the co-host of the Celebrity Poker After Party and plenty of other big names were involved, including actors Josh Brolin, David Schwimmer, Rob Riggle and musical guest Common. No wonder “Big Game Big Give” is ESPN The Magazine’s #1 Super Bowl Party.

Poker Central Ambassador Maria Ho was involved in her own charity event before the Super Bowl but before that, she spent time with some students in Houston. Ho teamed up with the Wade Smith Foundation and joined their Super Bowl LI edition of Reading with the Pros. The poker professional was joined at Kennedy Elementary by former NFL players Chris Meyers and Dante Wesley, as well as Olympic medalist Kami Craig, just to name a few.



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While it wasn’t the Super Bowl, the poker world was focused on the last series of ARIA High Rollers and the Super High Roller Bowl for much of the weekend. One of the biggest winners from that 2017 opening series was Dan Smith, who finished 2nd in the first $25K High Roller of the weekend and the won the second $25K High Roller a day later. In total, Smith made just over $632,000 through the weekend, thanks, in part to a “lucky” flower.



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It has nothing to do with the Super Bowl but would this really be a proper “Instagram Insiders” post if we didn’t have another Liv Boeree Caption Contest