There’s not much to be said other than: Phil Galfond is on the podcast! Buckle in, because this is a great show in which we tough on Run it Once Poker, his training site, his own career, his thoughts on high stakes online poker and whether or not he can still beat the biggest games.

  • 01:10 – Remko recaps the Day 1 action of Super High Roller Bowl V, going over the bustouts and big stacks heading into Day 2.
  • 03:32 – The start of the interview with Phil Galfond.
  • 4:20 – How does Phil Galfond balance all the things he has going on in his life right now? Does he miss playing, and can he still keep up?
  • 7:43 – Can Phil Galfond still measure himself against the best in the world if he put his mind to it, and is GTO play making poker not only harder to beat but also less interesting to watch?
  • 13:03 – What does Phil Galfond think that needs to happen in order for online poker to flourish again and for Run it Once Poker to be a success?
  • 17:45 – Can Run It Once Poker save high stakes online cash games?
  • 22:00 – Phil Galfond shares his thoughts on the influence of training videos on the online poker landscape.
  • 26:32 – Phil Galfond’s rise through the ranks and how different things were back when he started playing, and who had the most influence on his game?
  • 29:20 – Tom Dwan: The most creative player Phil has ever played against and talked to.
  • 32:55 – What was the X-factor that turned Phil Galfond into one of the best players in the world?
  • 36:02 – When did Phil Galfond reach his peak versus the rest of the field and what it was like playing the biggest stakes in live games?
  • 39:40 – Was live poker intimidating at the same big stakes he was playing online?
  • 42:30 – Phil Galfond’s first WSOP bracelet win: Was it a big deal to one of the best online cash game players?
  • 44:30 – How did Phil’s family deal with their son choosing poker as a profession, and what was it like to have money at an early age?
  • 47:30 – Phil Galfond on Mixed Games.
  • 53:55 – The landscape of live mixed games, the big bet mix, Bobby’s Room and why it has lots of room to grow.
  • 1:01:30 – Poker is gaining popularity again lately, what’s Phil Galfond’s take on it and how will he reach a large audience?
  • 1:06:30 – Phil Galfond’s outlook on 2019.

The final 27 players on Day 2 of Super High Roller Bowl V will return today at 5 p.m. ET to play down to the final table. Poker Central will have live updates right here and you can watch the action using your PokerGO subscription.

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