A new round of Poker After Dark episodes premiered tonight on PokerGO with Farah Galfond headlining. The former soap star led the charge on “Games of our Lives” and was the only new face with Poker After Dark regulars surrounding her.

The $200/$400 game with a $400 ante featured plenty of action with all six players butting heads at some point or another. Joining Galfond at the table were Bill Perkins, Matt Berkey, and Bill Klein, who made his return appearance after the Return of Tom Dwan.

Next to Galfond were two of the tougher opponents in recent Poker After Dark episodes with Jacky Wang and Bob Bright holding court. Bright made his mark tonight on numerous occasions and finished the show as the big winner.

Bright gained an early edge by winning a pot in a semi-cooler against Perkins. Both made a flush on the river and when it came time to bet on the river, Bright’s bet size was put in the perspective of another currency. Bitcoin is booming these days but when the bet is only one unit, what else are you supposed to do?

Berkey and Galfond faced off a few times and in their final matchup, it was a true test of wills. Despite having the same hand, the result remained in doubt until the river where Berkey put his cash game skills on display.

The budding rivalry between the two is tabled until tomorrow when the next night of “Games of our Lives” airs at 6:00 pm ET. The same lineup is scheduled to be in play but as it goes on Poker After Dark, new additions are always possible.

When “Games of our Lives” returns, chips will be flying and the action should be larger as the dynamic builds among the combatants. Until then, tonight’s episode is now available on-demand on PokerGO.

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