The first night of “PLOMG” on Poker After Dark kicked off at 8 pm ET exclusively on PokerGO and though Tom Dwan was unable to make the table because of travel problems, Isaac Haxton didn’t seem to mind. He increased his stack by 70% after the first orbit in the $100,000 buy-in Pot Limit Omaha cash game.

On the first hand Haxton and Phil Galfond went a raised flop where they both flopped a set – Haxton with aces and Galfond with nines. The river brought a third heart to complete a flush for Haxton, he led and Galfond called then mucked when he saw Haxton’s hand.



Haxton picked up $43,000 in that hand, then three out of the first four hands Haxton was dealt aces again. He picked up a couple small pots to improve his stack by a bit with the blinds at $300/$600.

Then just after the first orbit, Haxton found two black kings preflop and Rast called to see a flop holding pocket eights. Again, both players flopped a set, with Haxton having the best of it. Rast bet $6,600 on the turn, Haxton called and both players checked the river.

Haxton took down the pot and about 20 minutes into play, he had a stack of $171,000. The action is flying already around the five-handed table and viewers can follow all the action exclusively on PokerGO.