Dylan Weisman dominated the PGT Kickoff Event #2 Final Table, eliminating five of his six opponents en route to his taking it down for $121,500.

Weisman began the final table second in chips and pulled ahead early on, winning a few small pots. During this point, Victoria Livschitz fell in seventh place. Perhaps the hand that jumpstarted Weisman's run was when he shoved the river against Sergei Kislinskii, which the live stream showed to be a bluff with six-five offsuit on a board showing a full house. Kislinskii laid down pocket tens, surrendering the pot to Weisman. From there, everything went Weisman's way as he eliminated each remaining player.

Jesse Lonis fell in sixth place after Weisman limped in from the small blind. Lonis raised from the big blind, Weisman reraised all in with his chip-leading stack and Lonis called with ace-ten suited, leading Weisman's king-queen offsuit. Both paired on the flop, but Weisman made a winning two pair on the river to send Lonis out in sixth place.

Next to exit was Event #1 winner David Coleman, making his stand with with ace-jack suited against Weisman's pocket tens. Weisman flopped a set, turned a full house, and faded Coleman's remaining outs to eliminate him in fifth place. Coleman, though, is on top of the PGT leaderboard with his two final-table finishes so far.

Matthew McEwan was the next to go, getting his chips in with ace-king against Weisman's pocket nines. Weisman instantly flopped nines full and held up to eliminate McEwan in fourth place.

With Weisman applying pressure and accumulating chips against his two remaining short-stacked opponents, Jeremy Becker ultimately busted in third place. Becker committed his final 10 big blinds with king-six offsuit and Weisman looked him up with queen-nine offsuit. A river queen came for Weisman and ended Becker's final table in third place.

With more than an 8-to-1 chip lead to begin heads-play, it didn't take long for Weisman to close it out and eliminate Kislinskii. It was more than likey going to be a chop as Weisman held king-four offsuit against Kislinskii's king-three offsuit, but it continued to be Weisman's final table as two fours found the flop. No miracle runout came for Kislinskii and he was out in second place.

Event #2: $5,100 No-Limit Hold'em Payouts

Place Player Country Payout PGT Points 
1 Dylan Weisman United States $121,500 243
2 Sergei Kislinskii Russia $78,750 158
3 Jeremy Becker United States $56,250 113
4 Matthew McEwan United States $40,500 81
5 David Coleman United States $31,500 63
6 Jesse Lonis United States $22,500 45
7 Victoria Livschitz United States $18,000 36
8 Sean Winter United States $18,000 36
9 Lewis Spencer United Kingdom $13,500 27
10 Jeremy Ausmus United States $13,500 27
11 Joao Simao Brazil $13,500 27
12 Jared Bleznick United States $11,250 23
13 Adam Walton United States $11,250


Here is a look at the PGT leaderboard through the completion of Event #2.

PGT Leaderboard

Rank Player PGT Points
1st David Coleman 303
2nd Dylan Weisman 243
3rd Sergei Kislinskii 158
4th Aram Zobian 156
5th Jeremy Becker 113
6th Stephen Chidwick 111
7th Jeremy Ausmus 107
8th Matthew McEwan 81
9th Nikita Kalinin 62
10th Lewis Spencer 49

Leaderboard standings as of Saturday, January 13, 2024. See the complete and current PGT leaderboard at pgt.com/leaderboard.

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PGT, Dylan Weisman, Jesse Lonis, David Coleman, Victoria Livschitz, Matthew McEwan, Jeremy Becker, Sergei Kislinskii